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Ultra High Performance Tires

Ultra High Performance Tires
Ultra High Performance tires are intended for driving lovers who wish to maximize the handling characteristics of their luxury or sports automobiles. They provide optimal grip and maneuverability. They have a broad tread surface and have a sticky tread composition. Lastly, they also have low profile sidewall to optimize handling while minimizing sidewall rollover.

Exclusive Tread Patterns

To improve your car’s handling, ultra high performance tires include traditional wide channels or a V shape tread patterns, so this serves to direct water away from the front of the tire, allowing the rubber to maintain contact with the ground and avoid hydroplaning.

Furthermore, the tire’s shoulder section often has huge tread blocks to ensure maximum traction during heavy cornering. They also provide your vehicle a particular style by sitting low and having aspect ratios ranging from 30 series to around 55 series.

Exceptional Features Of Ultra High Performance UHP Tires

  • Optimal grip in all driving scenarios
  • Precise steering behavior
  • Short braking lengths in dry and rainy conditions
  • Massive center bands on the tire ensure high rigidity in the tire, offering excellent steering precision and immediate input to the driver

Ultra High Performance UHP Summer Tires

UHP summer tires provide the best of both dry and wet street performance; therefore, a summer UHP tire provides traction, handling, cornering capabilities, braking distance, and a sharp steering reaction. Ultimately, do not use UHP tires in snow and ice.

H3 Max Performance Tires: Tires in this group are suited for active drivers seeking the best possible dry and wet traction because they provide the best traction for street driving and some modest track driving. 

H3 Ultra-High Performance Tires: Tires developed for spirited-moderate motorists who want good dry and wet performance but are willing to surrender some grip for prolonged tread wear. 

Considerations For Ultra High Performance Tires

UHP tires tend to create a firmer ride. This allows drivers to gain a better understanding of the driving conditions. Similar to racing tires, some manufacturers have included a nylon overlay to the belt arrangement to ensure the tire does not bend.

An ultra-high-performance tire is distinguished by its size – 18 inches in diameter – and its high performance capabilities.

With UHP tires, you’ll get the following:

  • sportier ride
  • better lane changes
  • improved steering accuracy
  • cornering stability

Experts have designed a range of UHP tires capable of handling increased acceleration, torque, and G-forces created by the vehicle’s greater horsepower, upgraded brakes, and sports-tuned suspension. These tires will provide dependable safety and performance margins, allowing you to relax and enjoy the ride.