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Reliable Specialty Tires at Trail Tire

Specialty Tires at Tire Discounter Group Dealer Network

Our dealer network not only offers tires for passenger and light truck vehicles, but they also have access to top brand name specialty tires for other applications such as tractors, ATVs, UTVs, trailers, golf carts, and much more! Find your next reliable specialty tires at your local Trail Tire Auto Center.

It’s surprising to think about the amount of things that use wheels. For instance, your wheelbarrow has wheels, but what do you so when you need a new tire for it? Our dealer network offers support to drivers for specialty tires in select markets. Click here to find one of our dealer network partners for specialty tire service.

What Items Use Specialty Tires?

Other motor powered vehicles can require specialty tire sizing outside of the standard sizes we see cars and trucks equipped with daily. Our network can provide customers with specialty tires for vehicles such as:

  • Lawn tractors
  • ATVs & UTVs
  • Golf Carts
  • Forklifts
  • Boat Trailers
  • Utility Trailers
  • And more!

Different vehicles and machines require different types of tires to help them operate as they should. For example, forklifts and other industrial tires are built with special heavy duty rubber compounds to operate for long periods of time with as little downtime as possible. Furthermore, lawn and garden equipment require a certain level of traction to get jobs done without harming or damaging your lawn. Other power sport tires such as ATVs and UTVs require aggressive off-road support so drivers can push the limits with these machines.

If you live in Canada and like to take your quad through the trails, we have quad tires for you! In addition, we offer trailer tires for your utility trailer needs. Furthermore, if you travel all summer long in a motor home or trailer, we have tires for you. Contact your local dealer network location to order yours today.