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Calgary Tire Shop

Calgary Tire Shop Trail Tire

Trail Tire has been serving Calgary for over 35 years, formerly known as Blaskin and Lane Tire Centres, we have the same ownership with a great new name, and the same great service.

Trail Tire has a great reputation as the best place to buy tires in Calgary, with over 1,000 Google reviews, Trail Tire is a family-owned and operated business that has been open for decades, and in that time, we have established ourselves as the go-to source for tires in the city.

What makes Trail Tire stand out from the competition? First and foremost, it’s our selection.  Our shops offer a wide variety of tires from all the major brands, along with quality service, so you’re sure to find the perfect set of tires for your car, truck, or SUV. We also have a staff of experienced professionals who can help you find the right tires for your driving style and needs.

In addition to tires, Trail Tire also offers a wide range of automotive services, including wheel alignment, mounting and balancing, brake service, and oil changes.

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable place to buy tires in Calgary, Trail Tire is the place to go. Stop by one of our six locations today and see for yourself why we are a great place to purchase tires.

Tires and Winter Tires

There’s a reason winter tires are a must-have in Calgary. While all-season tires work well in most conditions, winter weather can be treacherous, even for the most experienced drivers. That’s where winter tires come in.

A winter tire is specifically designed to handle winter weather conditions, such as snow, ice, slush, and cold temperatures. They have a tread pattern that helps them grip the road better and a rubber compound that stays soft in cold weather.

All-season tires are not a good replacement for winter tires. They can’t handle the same extreme conditions, and they can actually be dangerous to use in winter weather.

If you live in Calgary, it’s important to have winter tires on your vehicle. Trust Trail Tire to help your vehicle get suited up with winter tires for your vehicle.

Why choose Trail Tire Auto Centers?

Trail Tire is one of the best tire stores in Calgary. We have a wide selection of tires, knowledgeable staff, and great prices.

As one of the leading tire shops in Calgary, Trail Tire prioritizes its customers, from beginning to end. Our tire technicians will assist you in finding the tire that suits your vehicle.

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Our 6 Tire Shop Locations in Calgary

Calgary Locations


1624 16th Avenue NW,
Calgary, AB T2M 0L5

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(403) 289-5596

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1121 Falconridge Drive NE,
Calgary, AB T3J 3H4

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(403) 293-3001

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5808 Macleod Trail S,
Calgary, AB T2H 0J8

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(403) 252-0171

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3420 17th Avenue SE,
Calgary, AB T2A 0R4

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(403) 272-2266

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1708 37th Street SW,
Calgary, AB T3C 3R1

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(403) 249-1048

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9250 MacLeod Trail S,
Calgary, AB T2J 0P5

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(403) 253-8004

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