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Trail Tire Protection Terms & Conditions

The purchase of the Trail Tire Protection Plan is required to validate the Terms and Conditions of the Trail Tire Protected Tires (TTP Tires).
The Trail Tire Protection Plan is guaranteed at the location in which the plan was originally purchased.

FREE TIRE ROTATION: After the original installation of your TTP tires, a free mileage tire rotation can be provided, on the advice of your Trail Tire service advisor, after 8,000km – 10,000km have been driven.

GUARANTEED BALANCING: Trail Tire guarantees that your tires will be balanced correctly during their original installation. If you feel a vibration in your steering wheel, after the original installation, you can bring your vehicle back to Trail Tire for an inspection. If rebalancing is required, we will provide the service at no charge.

FREE 30-DAY REPLACEMENT: If any of your TTP Tires* fail and are not repairable due to road hazard damage like cuts, bruises, and punctures within the first 30 days of your purchase, we will provide you with a new comparable tire at no charge, excluding disposal fees and government taxes. *Tires must have no more than 2/32nds of wear.
The replacement cost for the tire(s) will be on a pro-rated basis. This will be calculated as follows: percentage of tread depth used multiplied by the current selling price at the time of return. Purchase of the Trail Tire Protection Plan along with balance of the replacement tire is required.

TREAD WEAR EXPECTATION: If the eligible tire(s) wear evenly across the face of the tread and wear down to 2/32nds of an inch prior to the kilometer rating, we will replace the tire(s) with comparable new tires at a pro-rated price. Pro-rated price will be calculated by dividing the actual distance travelled by the expected distance, multiplied by the current price. It is the owner’s obligation to ensure proper tire care to prevent abnormal wear, otherwise manufacturer warranties will be voided. This includes tire rotation every 8000km – 10,000km, properly aligned wheels, and proper tire inflation. Please keep a record of all tire rotations and wheel alignments, as these will be required for warranty claims. If a customer is not using a licensed tire and automotive shop to rotate their tires, the customer must come to a Trail Tire location to verify the work has been completed. Tire inflation should be checked once a month.

TIRE REPLACEMENT UNDER WARRANTY FOR ALL WHEEL DRIVE (AWD) AND FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLES (4×4): Each vehicle manufacturer has a different specification when it comes to replacing single tires on AWD and 4X4 vehicles. Trail Tire will follow the manufacturer’s specifications when replacing tires. If a TTP Tire needs replacing, Trail Tire will replace the one tire that needs replacing under the terms and conditions of the warranty. If additional tires are required to be replaced due to the manufacturer’s specifications, the cost of any additional tires, balance and install is the responsibility of the customer. Additional Trail Tire Protection coverage cost will not be charged in these cases. Trail Tire will not install a single tire if the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications do not allow it.

30-DAY RIDE AND TRY: If you are not 100% satisfied with your TTP Tires* within the first 30 days of your purchase, you can exchange the tires for a set of equal value. *Tires must have no more than 2/32nds of wear, and there is a maximum of 1 replacement per TTP Plan. If the replacement set is of greater value than the original tires purchased, the customer will pay the difference in both the tire and the cost of the Trail Tire Protection Plan. Any government disposal fees will be charged. Installation and balance of the replacement tires is at no charge to the customer.

OWNER’S OBLIGATION: Proper tire care is necessary to obtain the maximum mileage and wear from a tire. You are required to have us rotate and inspect your tires every 8,000km – 10,000km. This service will be provided at no charge. Owners must also ensure their vehicle is in proper alignment to prevent abnormal tire wear. Abnormal wear could void any manufacturer warranty. You also need to ensure that the tires operate at the proper cold inflation pressure as outlined in the owner’s manual or on the invoice. Inflation should be checked once a month.

WHAT IS NOT COVERED BY THE LIMITED WARRANTY FOR TREAD LIFE: The limited warranty for tread life does not cover services, damage, or wear due to any of the following: misuse or abuse, misalignment or tires out of balance; over or underinflation; repairs; off road use or use on unpaved roads; use on commercial vehicles, campers, or trailers; excessive loading; vehicle accidents; or tire contact with curbs, potholes, or other similar items on or off the road surface.

WARRANTY LOCATIONS: Any costs incurred for any maintenance work including flat repairs, rotations, balance, or replacement tires done at a location that is not a participating Trail Tire, will not be reimbursed to the customer.

EXCLUSION OF OTHER WARRANTIES: To the full extent permitted by law and except for the limited warranties expressly made above, Trail Tire excludes and disclaims all other warranties with respect to the TTP Tires, express or implied, including but not limited to the warranty of merchantability, the warranty of fitness for particular purpose, and any warranties that may have arisen or may arise from course of performance, course of dealing, or usage of trade.

TPMS (TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SENSORS): Each vehicle is unique in resetting T.P.M.S. On all tire maintenance and warranty, there is a charge for resetting the T.P.M.S. See your dealer for price.

LIMITATIONS ON YOUR REMEDIES: In no event will Trail Tire have any liability to you in contract, tort, or otherwise for any claimed incidental or consequential damages of any type whatsoever, arising in any way from breach of this Trail Tire Protection Plan (Limited Warranty).