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Seasonal Vehicle Maintenance at Trail Tire

Your concerns regarding the state and integrity of your vehicle should change with the seasons. Most individuals assume that only winter impacts your driving experience, but parts can fails year-round. Come to Trail Tire for your full-service seasonal vehicle maintenance.

At Trail Tire Auto Centers, knowledge is a critical part of our customer care. We constantly try to make sure that the motorists who come to us are prepared with the information they want to keep their cars operating as smoothly as possible all year long. The following is a season-by-season summary of our automobile maintenance suggestions.

Fall and Winter Full-Service Seasonal Vehicle Maintenance

Winter can be hard on your vehicle; therefore, it’s a great idea to schedule a car service in the fall to prepare for winter weather. 

Many individuals wait till the last minute to get their vehicle serviced before leaving town, and due to basic market forces, you may end up spending more if you have your vehicle fixed a week before a special holiday. 

The following are the most prevalent winter difficulties that need to be fixed or serviced:

  • Tires: Make sure your tires have adequate tread depth and are correctly aligned. Winter tends to bring snow and sleet, and your tires will assist you in dealing with all of the factors.
  • Windshield Repair: Due to temperature fluctuations, any cracks may enlarge and grow when moving from cooler to warmer climates.
  • Engine: Get a complete engine tune-up.
  • Battery Replacement: An outdated battery will not perform well in cold or hot temperatures.
  • Brake Repair: It is often a good idea to ensure your brakes work properly and have enough cushioning for lengthy road journeys.

Summer and Spring Full-Service Seasonal Vehicle Maintenance

Summer is the busiest season for technicians and body shops. Servicing your vehicle in early spring can save time and money because many repair businesses are busier in the late spring and summer.

Check these items in the spring and summer:

  • Tire Pressure: Before a road trip, ensure your tires have the proper pressure level to avert a blowout and boost fuel efficiency.
  • Wiper Blades: In the event of a storm, it’s an excellent option to replace every six months for greater visibility.
  • Fluid Check: Before embarking on a road trip, ensure that your fluid balances are good. Check your coolant levels in particular, as low coolant fluid might cause your car to overheat.

In general, the optimum time to bring your vehicle in for maintenance on weekdays is before noon. Technicians are busier in the afternoon, striving to get everyone’s cars back before the end of the day, and weekends are usually busy because most people have the opportunity to take their vehicle in at this time.

Top Seasonal Automobile Repairs

Top Seasonal Automobile Repairs

Springtime is the most popular time for consumers to fix vehicle problems, with window motors, window regulators, timing chains, and wheel speed detectors. For example, the timing chain accounts for 44 percent of vehicle issues.

On the other hand, automotive troubles during the summer include air conditioning failure, broken cooling fans, timing chain repairs, and window lift motors. The air springs, engine distributor, timing cover gaskets, and heater system will all suffer from freezing temperatures in the fall.

The icy winter season isn’t without typical difficulties. Your vehicle’s heater system, oil cooler lines, windshield washers, and headlight bulbs will need special attention during this period.