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Wheel and Tire Packages

Wheel and Tire Packages

Buying a wheel and tire package is a great way to cut costs and save time. The package includes all the installation gear, wheels, and tires. This is the best strategy to ensure you buy all you need at once. You may be able to take advantage of the substantial savings you can receive through great offers and discounts. This further reduces the cost and makes it more inexpensive and economical.

Trail Tire wheel and tire packages

Our rim and tire package is one of the most reasonable and economical auto deals. To ease your concerns about acquiring the wrong wheels and tires for your vehicle, we provide a straightforward option to buy replacements. You may find the ideal set of car wheels and tires for your car in our huge collection. We made it simple for you to select wheels and tires that are the ideal size, appearance, and function for your car. 

The process of selecting new tires is easier by buying our wheel and tire package. You can select a bundle that combines wheels and tires with the right size and style for your car’s needs rather than picking each part individually. Making sure that your tires and wheels are consistent with one another and that they’ll fit comfortably on your car removes your concerns about purchasing incompatible sizes or treads for your automobile. We provide a variety of significant wheel and tire packages that may be the ideal solution for the best shot for your car, whether you are searching for new tires for your daily driving or a complete revamp of your garage.

What Is Included?

A wheel and rim package includes installation, a wheel assembly kit made up of lug nuts or bolts, depending on the application, and hub-centric rings. Plus, free highway force balancing using corrosion-resistant load-free zinc balancing loads.

If your car has a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), we advise that you buy the optional TPMS sensors, which we will attach during installation at no additional cost. We also advise adding extra safety wheel locks to your package to protect your investment from theft. With new TPMS sensors installed, you can be sure that tire pressure monitoring will remain accurate even after your wheels and tires are delivered and ready for installation.


Your wheels and tires package will be fitted and balanced when shipped to your address. Installing the wheel and tire set is now possible. Your set of wheels and tires will arrive in a truck. Take them off the delivery van when they arrive so you may load them onto your vehicle. Visit our website at trailtire.com if you have any concerns, inquiries, or issues. Our team will assist with your purchase.

The wheel and tire package comes with a gift

  • Free touchless installation
  • Fast and free delivery
  • High-speed balancing
  • Extended structural warranty
  • Free installation kit for chrome wheels

Hardware and add-ons are also available, including TPMS sensors, an aftermarket wheel wrench, and a nitrogen tire fill. Contact our SEMA-certified wheel and tire package experts if you need a more aggressive fitting or have any queries. We’re excited to work with you to get the greatest wheels and tires at a competitive price.

Custom tire and wheel packages that fit perfectly

We aim to assist you in discovering the appropriate set of aftermarket wheels and tires for your car. You only need to enter your van’s year, brand, model, and trim, and we will provide you with the rims and tires that will fit it. One of the most significant and crucial milestones in the build phase is upgrading to aftermarket wheels. To visually locate the precise setup you desire, check out our portfolio to view what other people are doing. Packages of all-wheel and tires include free mounting, balancing, and shipment, so they are prepared for installation as soon as they are received.

How Do I Install My Rim & Tire Package?

If you’re swapping from winter rims and tires to all seasons, and vice versa or just need a tire change, you’ll need a breaker bar, a torque wrench, a jack, and jack stands to install your rims and tires. With the socket and breaker bar, loosen the lug nuts or bolts, lift the car with the jack and securely rest it on the jack supports. Old rims and tires should be removed, along with the lugs and bolts. If provided, put in the new rims and tires along with the hub center rings.

Some tires require installation in the direction indicated by the arrow on the sidewall because they are directional. By hand, tighten the new lug nuts and bolts. As the car is being lowered, tighten the lug nuts and bolts in a series of crisscross motions, with the final step reaching the factory torque specification. Your owner’s manual contains specifications for torque. After the first 25 to 50 miles, new wheels’ lug nuts or bolts need to be torqued. We advise hiring a professional to install your wheels and tires if you lack the tools, resources, or confidence to do it yourself.

Ready to Get Started?

Spend less money when you buy one of our special tire and wheel packages. They are pre-mounted and balanced when they arrive, ready to be bolted onto your Vehicle. Additionally, this comprehensive set includes the center caps, lug nuts, and, if necessary, TPMS sensors. This is an installed and balanced set of four tires and rims. For special wheel and tire packages, contact our salesperson.

Your connection to the trail keeps you returning to each new 4×4 adventure. It’s all a part of the thrill of feeling the car lurch and rolls as you navigate obstacles. A good set of off-road tires is the first step towards that experience. It’s easy to overlook the crucial significance of your tires and wheels, which are the first contact points with any driving surface. By buying at trailtire.com, you may be certain to acquire the greatest tire and wheel combinations available. We take pride in offering a wider range of the top brands and premium components designed with the jeeping community in mind.

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