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Toyo All-Weather Tires: Toyo Celsius Product Line Review

Living in Canada necessitates preparing your vehicle for a wide range of weather and conditions. While many vehicle owners prefer to have multiple sets of tires to meet the demands of driving in those weather conditions, others rely on tires that are designed to provide versatility all year. 

To meet the needs of these drivers, tire manufacturers are now developing all-weather tires—hybrid tires with both winter and all-season tires capabilities. All-weather tires provide sufficient performance regardless of the temperature, weather, or road conditions. They are built to be functional and to provide immense safety advantages. They also have a 3PMSF rating, indicating that they are acceptable for use on severe snow.

While some brands design all-weather tires, many continue to market them as all-season tires, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish them. On the other hand, Toyo Tires has gone one step further and has an exclusive product lineup for all-weather tires known as the Celsius.

The Celsius product line covers a majority of vehicles, from sedans to coupes, minivans, crossovers, SUVs, and even commercial vans and light trucks. These tires provide drivers with year-round versatility as well as winter weather safety. They provide better ice and snow traction than standard all-season tires and last longer than dedicated winter tires.

This article will cover the entire Toyo Celsius product line, its unique features, and what sets them apart from other all-weather tires on the market. So, let’s dig in!

Toyo All-Weather Tires Distinctive Features

An all-weather tread compound

Toyo employs advanced Nano Balanced technology on an asymmetric tread compound to withstand weather extremes. This ensures that the tires are responsive to all seasons and temperatures.

The tread is not only soft enough to maintain pliability and interactivity with the road surface in sub-freezing temperatures but also not susceptible to hot summer temperatures.

Additionally, the advanced all-weather tread compound extends the life of the tires.  

Dual all-weather tread design

The unique tread design of Toyo Celsius tires captivates experts and consumers alike. The inside half of the tread is winter-focused, with snow claws, aggressive grooving, and high-density siping to enhance ice and snow traction. 

The other outer half of the tread resembles an all-season or summer touring tire, with more moderate siping, circumferential ribs, and a lower void to enhance wet-weather traction, grip, and dry handling. 

Multi-wave sipes

These reduce irregular wear for a smooth ride and long tread life. They also enhance braking performance on ice, wet, and dry roads. 

All-Weather Tires from Toyo

Toyo Celsius 

Starting us off is the well-known Toyo Celsius tire designed for sedans, compacts, and small CUVs that need an all-in-one package tire. This tire provides drivers with impressive grip and peace of mind in adverse weather and road conditions and saves them the hassle of switching from winter to summer tires and vice versa. 

Vehicle compatibility: Passenger cars

Category: Grand touring all-weather

Sidewalls: Black sidewalls

Speed rating: H, S, T, V, and W

Sizes: 14 to 20 inches 

Treadwear Warranty: 60,000 miles

Toyo Celsius CUV

Toyo also considered SUV and CUV owners and hence designed the Celsius CUV for excellent traction and grip on wet and dry roads. The tire also delivers safe and smooth drives thanks to its excellent braking ability, handling, and noise absorption. 

Vehicle compatibility: SUVs and Crossovers

Category: Standard touring all-weather

Sidewalls: Black sidewalls

Speed rating: H, T, S, and V

Sizes: 16 to 22 inches 

Treadwear Warranty: 60,000 miles

Toyo Celsius Sport

Toyo also features an ultra-high-performance all-weather tire, among the first in the category. The Celsius Sport is for drivers of sedans, coupes, crossovers, and SUVs who want capable traction for variable weather conditions with predictable and sporty handling on dry and wet pavements.

The Celsius Sport has a low sidewall height and a stiff carcass built from high-tensile steel belts with bead filler to offer stability and control as well as string road holding and a good feel under high cornering loads.

Vehicle compatibility: Passenger cars

Category: Ultra-high-performance all-weather

Sidewalls: Black sidewalls

Speed rating: V, Y, and W

Sizes: 17 to 22 inches 

Treadwear warranty: 60,000 miles for V and W-rated models and 40,000 miles for Y-rated 

Toyo Celsius Cargo

The Celsius Cargo is built for owners of commercial vans and light trucks seeking year-round, all-weather dependability. It has better snow and ice performance and longer tread life. 

A tough sidewall protects against curb damage, and the sturdy casing provides exceptional handling and stability during the frequent stops and starts associated with commercial and delivery vehicles.

Vehicle compatibility: Commercial vans and light trucks

Category: Highway all-weather 

Sidewalls: Black sidewalls

Speed rating: T, S, R, and Q

Sizes: 17 to 22 inches 

Treadwear Warranty: None 


The combination of Celsius technologies has created tires with exceptional winter performance that qualifies them for the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake credential, which denotes legitimate Severe Snow Service capabilities. 

So, suppose you’re looking to move on from the inadequate winter performance of all-season tires or want to simplify your tire life by eliminating seasonal swaps. In that case, the innovative Toyo Celsius line-up is your ticket.

Toyo Tires at Trail Tire Auto Centers

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