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Do you know when to change your tires? The good news is that it’s not as difficult as you would think to assess the condition of your tires. Most of the time, all it takes is a keen eye, and possibly a copper penny to determine when a tire needs to be replaced. You must be aware of the important tire replacement signs and the parts of the tires to inspect. In this guide, we’ll provide all the information you need to evaluate your tires effectively, decide when to replace them, and choose new ones. Need some more help? Visit your trusted tire shop, Trail Tire Auto Centers.

When Should I Replace My Tires?

How often tires should be replaced is the most frequent query.

Wear and age are typically the variables that affect when to change tires.

Tread Wear 

32nds of an inch are used to measure a tire’s tread depth. The tread depth on new tires ranges from 9/32″ to 11/32″. If the tread is worn to 2/32, the tire is deemed hazardous.

Using a tread depth gauge or the penny test method, you may determine the tread depth at which tires must be replaced.

Bubble & Bulges 

A bulge on your tire typically means that the tire’s internal rigid frame has been compromised, allowing air pressure to enter the tire’s flexible outer layers. Even if the tread condition is satisfactory, tires with sidewall bubbles or bulges must be replaced immediately.


You can experience a sensation in the steering wheel while driving if your tires have uneven wear. A tire expert should be consulted to identify the source of the vibration because it can also be brought on by inadequate alignment.

Sidewall Cracks 

Tire sidewall cracking is frequently brought on by tire aging. The rubber in tires naturally deteriorates over time due to the various severe circumstances they are exposed to. Think of a brittle, easily broken, old rubber band. Even when tires aren’t being used and stored in a location where cracking could develop, the same thing happens.

How To Purchase New Tires

At Trail Tire Auto Centers, customers have the flexibility to purchase tires either in-store with the assistance of a service advisor or online through the tire finder tool on the our website. For those who prefer a more personalized approach, the service advisor can guide customers through the process of selecting the right tires based on their vehicle make and model, driving habits, and budget. On the other hand, the tire finder tool offers a convenient way for customers to browse through a wide selection of tires, compare prices, and make purchases online from the comfort of their homes. Whether shopping in-store or online, Trail Tire Auto Centers aims to provide a hassle-free tire buying experience that meets the needs and preferences of all customers.

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