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RT Tires and Wheels

RT Tires and Wheels

You might be wondering what all the fuss is about RT tires and wheels. Why are they so popular? Why are people making the switch?

RT tough terrain is relatively a new tire type and classification. Because of how well R/T tires perform both on and off-road and how aggressively they tread, they are sometimes referred to as tweener tires. As a result, R/T tires typically include both A/T and M/T tire qualities, including wide open voids, knobby sidewalls tread, and siped tread lugs to enhance grip in wet and icy weather. These features together help move mud.

R/T tires are a wonderful option for vehicles that are used on city streets, icy roads, and unpaved snow- and mud-covered paths. They all include the M+S (Mud and Snow) rating and some of them have the three-peak mountain snowflake rating.


A Closer Look at the Different Types of RT Tires and Wheels


When it comes to RT tires and wheels, there are a few different things to consider.

The first is the type of wheel. There are three main types: the standard wheel, the low-profile wheel, and the deep-dish wheel. The standard wheel is your everyday, all-purpose wheel. The low-profile wheel is made for sports cars and gives the car a lower stance. The deep-dish wheel is designed for luxury cars and makes them look even more luxurious.

The second consideration is the size of the wheel. The size of the wheel depends on the make and model of your car. You will need to measure the width and diameter of your car’s wheel wells to make sure that the RT tires and wheels you choose will fit.

Finally, you need to think about what type of RT tires you want. There are three types: summer tires, all-season tires, and winter tires. Summer tires are designed for warm weather driving and have a higher treadwear rating. All-season tires are designed for year-round use and have a higher traction rating. Winter tires are designed for cold-weather driving and have a higher snow traction rating.


The Features of the RT Tires and Wheels

The RT tires and wheels come with a few great features that make them unique. Firstly, they are made from high-grade steel, providing superior traction and stability. Plus, the advanced tread patterns can provide excellent handling on all types of surfaces, including wet and dry roads.

The RT tires and wheels also feature an easy-to-use tread adjustment system. This allows you to adjust the depth of the tread pattern to match the terrain, so you can get maximum performance in any given situation. The tires also have advanced wear protection, which helps increase their lifespan so you don’t have to worry about having to replace them regularly.

Finally, they come equipped with an advanced air management system that ensures optimal pressure levels throughout their entire range of operating conditions. This helps reduce noise and vibration levels while also improving fuel efficiency and tire life expectancy.


How to Choose Between Different Types of RT Tires and Wheels

When it comes to RT tires and wheels, you can choose from a variety of options. Choosing the right combination for your vehicle is essential if you want to get the best performance.

First, consider the type of terrain you’re driving on. If you are planning to go off-roading or in challenging terrain, then a more aggressive tread pattern might be a good choice. On the other hand, if you’re mainly driving on paved roads, then a smoother tread pattern would likely be better suited for your needs.

Next, take into account the load size and type of vehicle. If you are carrying heavier loads or towing large trailers, then wider tires will provide more stability and support. On the other hand, if you’re driving a lighter vehicle with only passengers onboard, then narrower tires can give you better handling and fuel efficiency.

Finally, think about tire pressure and how this affects your ride. Lower tire pressure will provide better traction but also less responsiveness while higher tire pressure will give your car more agility but less grip on rocky surfaces. Keep in mind that different manufacturers use different air pressures so make sure to check your manual or ask an expert before making any changes.


4WP Factory Xtreme RT Tire

The brand-new 4WP Xtreme RT tire is one of the newest products in the rugged terrain category. It is made to fill the gap between an All-Terrain and a Mud Terrain tire while also delivering multiple load levels for daily commuters, weekend wheelers, and even tow rigs. These tires provide both riding comforts on broad roads and robust grip off-road. They are harsher than all-terrain tires but are still more lightweight than mud terrain tires. With a 50,000-mile factory guarantee, they are offered in 33, 35, and 37-inch diameters in load classes D, E, and F.


  • Road noise is 90% less than on mud terrain
  • The superior contact area ratio
  • For improved clearing of stones and mud, wide shoulder channels and mud ejectors are used.
  • 3-ply sidewall
  • Offset shoulder bars for improved grip on irregular terrain
  • Treadwear warranty for 50,000 miles


  • Not the best for deep mud
  • Has more road noise compared to all-terrain tires.
  • There are currently no sizes available less than 33 inches.

Why Purchasing RT Tires and Wheels

When you’re looking to purchase a new set of tires and wheels, it’s important to go with a brand that you can trust. That’s why RT Tires and Wheels is such a popular choice. At Trail Tire, we offer a wide selection of tires and wheels for all makes and models of cars.

We also have a team of experts who can help you choose the right set of RT tires and wheels for your vehicle. We’ll make sure that you get the perfect fit, and that you’re driving on the best possible tires and wheels.

So why should you choose RT Tires and Wheels at Trail Tire? Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • We have a huge selection of tires and wheels for all makes and models
  • We have experts who can help you choose the right set of tires and wheels for your vehicle
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products

Maintenance Tips for RT Tires and Wheels

Maintaining your RT tires and wheels can make all the difference in performance, safety, and getting the most out of your investment. The first step is to make sure your tires have the right air pressure. Over- or under-inflating can lead to uneven tire wear and could cause you to lose control on the roads.

You should also check the condition of your tires regularly. If they start to show signs of wear or cracking, you need to replace them as soon as possible. Make sure your wheels are also in good condition, with no dents or scratches.

It is also important to rotate your tires so that they don’t wear too quickly on one side. This will give them a longer lifespan and help keep you safe on the roads. Taking care of your RT tires and wheels will save you time, money, and hassle in the long run—so why not take a few simple steps to ensure they stay in great shape?


If you’re looking for a durable and reliable tire, RT is a great option. With a wide range of sizes and load capacities, RT has a tire to fit every need. And, with their innovative wheels, you can be sure your vehicle will look great, too. Shop tires and wheels today.