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Rim and Tire Packages

Rim and Tire Packages

When it comes to regular car maintenance, your tires should be your number one priority. You should always ensure that your tires are appropriate for the season. Driving conditions are very difficult during winter in many regions. Having an appropriate rim and tire package is essential and keeps you and your loved ones safe.

Choosing the right tires can make the difference between returning home and visiting the cemetery. Should you, however, only purchase tires? Or should you purchase a set of wheels and tires? Find out by reading on.

What is a wheel and tire package?

You can get a wheel and tire combination rather than just loose tires. This comprises the internal area of the wheel or rim, where the tire is mounted.

You might be wondering what the advantage is because buying wheels and tires together costs more than purchasing tires. Find out now.

The varying seasons are one of the main causes of tire replacements. Snow tires are a considerably safer alternative in regions with a lot of snow and ice. They improve traction and aid in the tires’ improve traction on a snow-covered street’s slippery surface. Snow tires cost more than ordinary tires, though, and it’s not ideal to wear them out in the summer.

Additionally, winter tires’ rubber is soft and flexible to provide better traction on ice and snowy surfaces. This softer rubber won’t provide the finest handling on scorching blacktop because it isn’t designed for temperatures exceeding 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Snow tires also provide increased friction and resistance, which improves grip in the snow. Most of the time, it simply results in your car working more to move, increasing fuel expenses.

Now let’s take a look at why you need to change your rims too

Convenience: The proper mounting of tires on rims necessitates a trip to the service centre, which is what many people do. It’s simpler to change your tires in your garage if you get a set of wheels to go with them. Tire replacement is always an option. There are no appointments required, and there is no need to stand in line with others getting their winter tires replaced.

Your trip will be much quicker, even if you do opt to visit the technician.

Cost: In some cases, purchasing a set of wheels and tires will be cheaper than purchasing only the tires. While the package is slightly more expensive up front, it’s logical to get it instead if you want to keep the car for a while.

This is so that you don’t have to pay someone to mount new tires on your wheels each time you change your tires. Changes are quicker and less expensive when each pair of tires is already placed on its own set of wheels. Free if you complete it yourself.

Customization: Your car’s appearance can change as the seasons change if your winter tires include their wheels. Just select wheels that aren’t the same style as the ones your summer tires are mounted on.

Rims that are better suited for driving in the winter are another option.

Ready to Get Started?

Spend less money when you buy one of our special tire and rim packages. They are pre-mounted and balanced when they arrive, ready to be bolted onto your vehicle. Additionally, included in this comprehensive set are the centre caps, lug nuts, and, if necessary, TPMS sensors. This is an installed and balanced set of four tires and rims. For special wheel and tire packages, contact our salesperson.

What keeps you returning to each new 4×4 adventure is your connection to the trail. It’s all a part of the thrill to feel the car lurch and roll as you navigate obstacles. A good set of off-road tires is the first step towards that experience. It’s easy to overlook the crucial significance of your tires and wheels, which are the first points of contact with any driving surface. By buying at trailtire.com, you may be certain to acquire the greatest tire and wheel combinations available. We take pride in offering a wider range of the top brands and premium components that are designed with the jeeping community in mind.

Staying Power

Jeep tire and wheel sets enable significant cost savings, but only if a guarantee is included. Sets of four and five tires are covered by some really strong service and parts warranties from Trailtire.com. These warranties, which are made specifically for the jeeping group, cover issues that other plans would not, like off-road blowouts and irrecoverable tires. Everyone agrees that getting a decent service plan is important, even though the optimal type and size of the tire to use depends on personal choice, opinion, and equipment requirements.

The Right Wheels

It feels like putting on your favourite model of hiking boots when you eventually put the appropriate rims on your car. A quality product set, like a Pro Comp wheel and tire combination, actually improves your riding almost as much as a pair of high-quality shoes would. This is why we at trailtire.com are picky about the off-road tires we carry. Before we contemplate carrying quality tires, we demand high standards of longevity, traction, and dependability. In addition, we provide service plans that are redeemable at any of our geographical locations around the nation. All you need to do is confirm the fit before placing an order.

What Is Included?

A wheel and rim package comes with free installation, a wheel assembly kit made up of lug nuts or bolts depending on the application, and hub-centric rings. Plus, free highway force balancing using corrosion-resistant load-free zinc balancing loads.

If your car has a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), we advise that you buy the optional TPMS sensors, which we will attach during installation at no additional cost. We also advise that you add the extra safety wheel locks to your package to protect your investment from theft. With new TPMS sensors installed, you can be sure that tire pressure monitoring will remain accurate even after your wheels and tires are delivered and ready for installation.

How Do I Install My Rim & Tire Package?

You’ll need a breaker bar, a torque wrench, a jack, and jack stands to install your rims and tires. With the socket and breaker bar, loosen the lug nuts or bolts, then lift the car with the jack and securely rest it on the jack supports. Old rims and tires should be removed, along with the lugs and bolts. Put in the new rims and tires along with the hub centre rings, if provided.

Some tires require installation in the direction indicated by the arrow on the sidewall because they are directional. By hand, tighten the new lug nuts and bolts. As the car is being lowered, tighten the lug nuts and bolts in a series of crisscross motions, with the final step reaching the factory torque specification. Your owner’s manual contains specifications for torque. After the first 25 to 50 miles, new wheels’ lug nuts or bolts need to be torqued. We advise hiring a professional to install your wheels and tires if you lack the tools, resources, or confidence to do it yourself.