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Neo Financial Rewards at Trail Tire

Neo Financial Rewards now available at Trail Tire

A better way to spend, save, and earn rewards at Trail Tire

Have you Heard? Earn an up to 7% cash back at Trail Tire on your first purchase and thousands of other local and national gas, grocery stores, restaurants, gyms, coffee shops and more – both in-store and online.

Now buying tires, oil changes and general car maintenance can earn you money. Neo Financial, a local Calgary Fintech company that allows you to earn cash back on your credit card, is available at participating Trail Tire locations. When you use your Neo MasterCard to shop at www.trailtire.com, you’ll get an average of 5% unlimited cashback. 

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What is Neo Financial?

Neo Financial is a fintech company based in Canada that is changing the way people save and spend money today. Their goal is to provide their customers with the “best financial planning experience” possible, which includes a high-interest savings account and a credit card with no annual fee (the Neo Credit Card).

Neo Financial aims to make financial services more affordable and accessible to Canadians. It overcomes the traditional banking barrier of a lack of customer-oriented products and services to provide customers with a faster, more convenient, and secure financial solution.

Setting up a Neo account is fast and easy. All you have to do is download the Neo App. You can open an account within minutes, earn instant cashback and get real-time notifications when you spend and save, all without monthly or annual fees. 

What services and products does Neo Financial provide?

Neo Financial has two main products to offer:

  1. A high-interest savings account
  2. The Neo MasterCard

Neo savings account

The Neo savings account combines day-to-day checking account spending with higher savings account interest rates (currently at 1.6%). The CDIC backs up to $100,000 worth of Neo financial deposits.

Neo savings account has the following features;

  • There are no monthly fees.
  • 1.6% interest rate.
  • Free interac e-transfers and bill payments.
  • No minimum deposit is required.
  • CDIC insurance through Concentra Bank.
  • Easy account opening—open an account through your Neo App

Neo Card

The Neo card is a Neo and MasterCard product that is backed by ATB Financial and features the Neo logo. The Neo card is unique in that it offers rewards across Canada not seen on other credit cards when you shop with it. It rewards cardholders cash back on purchases made at participating stores, including tirewarehouse.ca.

The following features distinguish the Neo Card from the rest:

  • Low credit score requirements

The Neo MasterCard is a great option if you have a bad credit score or no credit score at all. To be approved by Neo, you only need a credit card score of 600. It’s an excellent way for you to improve your credit score while also earning cashback.

  • No Monthly fees 

Neo Financial has no fees, unlike other credit cards that charge annual fees. This allows you to opt-out at any time if you believe the Neo Card isn’t worth it. No money lost! 

  • A mobile app to control your finances

The Neo Financial app, which is available for both iOS and Android phones, provides an easy-to-use interface for managing your finances. You can use Apple Pay or Google Pay to pay bills, check cashback offers, and make quick POS transactions. If your card goes missing, you can easily freeze it using the app.

  • Search for local savings on the NEO App

Shop today on the NEO app and save, search businesses, categories, or businesses around your location that offer savings with NEO you can save an average of 4% from your purchases.

Cash out any time

No minimums for cashing out. Cash out at any time with one tap. No waiting for the annual cheque.

Cashback anywhere

Receive cashback on every purchase with recurring subscriptions.

Real-time alerts

Whatever you spend, save, earn, or pay, you know. No surprises.

No annual fees

$0 annual fees

Thousands of Retailers

Choose from thousands of retailers across Canada so earn cash back from

Get the Neo Card Here

Neo Financial offers a three-tiered reward system. You only need one card and can select your preferred tier.

  • Neo Essential

This is a no-fee rewards program. When you use it to shop at partnering stores, you get 4% cashback. There are no month-to-month or year-to-year fees. For monthly spending under $750, Neo essential is recommended.

  • Neo Plus

You can get an average of 5% cashback at Neo partner stores if you join the Neo Plus rewards program. The monthly fee for Neo Plus is $2.99. Customers who spend more than $750 but less than $1000 per month should consider it.

  • Neo Ultra

You will receive a 6% cash back on purchases made at Neo-affiliated stores. The Neo Ultra reward card comes with an $8.99 monthly fee. It’s ideal for monthly shoppers who spend more than $1000.

All the cards earn you a 1% cashback in non-partner stores, up to $5000 spent per month. 

Neo Hudson’s Bay MasterCard

Neo Financial also offers the Hudson’s Bay MasterCard in addition to the Neo credit card. The card has many of the same benefits as the Neo Card, including no annual fees and cashback at Neo partner stores. Instead of cashback, the Neo Hudson’s Bay MasterCard rewards you with HBC points that you can use at any time.

You can manage this card through the Neo App. 

How to apply for a Neo Credit Card

To be eligible for a Neo credit card, you must have reached the age of majority in your province or territory and be a Canadian resident.

To begin, download the Neo App and complete the online application to see if you are eligible.

You can also create a risk-free profile to learn more about financial products and rewards.

Visit a Hudson’s Bay store or apply online for the Neo Hudson’s Bay MasterCard.

How do I shop tires with my neo card at trailtire.com?

When you are at a participating Trail Tire location just use your NEO card to make your purchase and get instant savings, it’s that simple. Just search the NEO App for Trail Tire to see the closest participating location.


What makes the Neo card different?

  1. You earn as you spend; you can earn up to 6% back when you use your card 
  2. There are no income requirements; with most other credit cards, you need to meet income requirements to qualify for the card. Neo has no income requirements for any of their cards, making them much easier to be approved for.
  3. It’s simple to switch between reward levels; if you want to boost your rewards, you can easily upgrade your card level from your account at any time. It’s just as simple to change it back to a lower setting.
  4. Redeem your cashback when you want; with a Neo card, you get to decide when you want your rewards paid out. Make a request at any time.  


  • Is Neo Financial safe?

Neo Financial is, without a doubt, safe and secure. ATB Financial supports the Neo card. Concentra Bank, a CDIC member, is where Neo keeps its savings. The standard zero liability protection is also available to Neo Cash Back Rewards MasterCard users.

  • Is Neo Financial a bank?

No. Neo is a financial technology firm that has teamed up with Concentra Bank to provide high-interest savings accounts. Neo, unlike other banks, does not have any physical locations or branches. Instead, you use a mobile app for IOS or Android to access your account.

  • Is there an annual fee for the Neo credit card?

Neo cards are billed monthly rather than annually. The Neo Essential card is a completely free card with no hidden costs. The monthly fees for the Neo Plus and Neo Ultra cards are $2.88 and $8.99, respectively.

  • How do I contact Neo financial?

You can reach the customer care team at Neo through +18556362265 or send them an email at support@neofinancial.com

Avg. 4% cashback

Earn instant cashback on day-to-day purchases.

Cash out any time

No minimums for cashing out. Cash out at anywhere and anytime with one tap. No waiting for the annual cheque.

Cashback anywhere

Receive cashback on every purchase with recurring subscriptions.

Real-time alerts

Whatever you spend, save, earn, or pay, you know. No surprises.

No annual fees

$0 annual fees

Thousands of Retailers

Choose from thousands of retailers across Canada so earn cash back from

Save at Trail Tire with Neo Financial