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Mud and Snow Tires

Mud and snow tires (M&S or M+S tires) are all-season tires that the Rubber Manufacturers Association has approved for use in muddy and snowy conditions. They are ideal for mild winter conditions with only a little snow and ice. They also work well in mud, providing enough traction to get through it.

Design Features of M+S Tires 

  • Wider gaps between the sections of tread
  • Deep ridges offer increased performance in slick conditions

The Benefits of M+S Tires 

In general, mud and snow tires offer several advantages that may outweigh some of their inherent limitations for many buyers, such as:

  • They aid in maintaining traction in colder temperatures due to rubber that remains flexible in cold temperatures.
  • Provide adequate traction on wet surfaces due to complex tread patterns that help move water away from the tire’s footprint.
  • Suitable for almost any type of vehicle, from sedans to SUVs to minivans.

How to Identify M+S Tires

You can recognize mud and snow tire models by looking for the “M” and “S” initials on the sidewall. The symbol may read “MS,” “M&S,” or “M+S,” depending on the manufacturer.

If you see these letters on a tire, you know that they have been specially designed to offer maximum control in icy, snowy, and muddy conditions.

What Is the Difference Between M+S Tires and Winter (3PMSF) Tires?

Winter tires are specifically designed to provide traction in deeper snow and temperatures below freezing. Mud and snow tires will work fine in light snow, but if you regularly drive in snowy conditions at temperatures below 7 °C, you should invest in good winter tires.

Additionally, winter tires lack the M+S insignia in favour of the 3PMSF emblem. When you see this icon on the sidewall of your tire, you can be confident that it meets more stringent winter traction performance requirements and has been rated for “severe snow service.” 

Are M+S Tires Safe for Winter Driving?

Even though the letter “S” stands for snow, M+S tires are not full-fledged winter tires. They are only effective in muddy and light snow conditions, so they are best used in the spring, summer, and fall. Once the temperatures drop and the snow falls, you’ll notice that these tires aren’t up to the task.

Winter tires have the necessary tread design and compound to give drivers a firm grip. They also have aggressive tread blocks that dig into snow and slush, as well as wide grooves between the blocks that expel snow and slush, allowing them to maintain road contact.

Get the Best Selection of M+S Tires

Trail Tire carries a wide selection of mud and snow tires from trusted brands like:

Among our best-selling mud and snow tires are:

Continental TerrainContact A/T

The TerrainContact A/T is one of the market’s most capable mud and snow tires. It has a less aggressive tread than most M+S tires, which improves on-road dynamics and provides a more comfortable ride.

The TerrainContact A/T performs admirably on dry and wet surfaces, providing excellent grip and traction. The tire’s snow performance is also comparable to the best mud tires on the market, particularly in light snow.

Continental also offers a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty.

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

Cooper tires are built to deliver excellent performance at an affordable price, and the Discover STT Pro is no exception. It is an excellent mud-terrain tire that can compete with more expensive models but does not cost as much.

The aggressive tread pattern allows it to navigate deeper mud easily. This is thanks to the alternating shoulder lugs that improve traction on mud and other softer surfaces. It also performs admirably on harder surfaces such as dirt roads or gravel. 

BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3

The BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 truck mud tire is among the best on the market. Its reinforced structure makes it puncture and bruise-resistant, while sophisticated rubber compounding and a built-in rim protector add confidence and protection.

You can power through mud and loose soil with the terrain-attack tread design. The Mud-Phobic Bars dislodge compacted mud for longer traction, and large tread blocks provide excellent grip from any angle of approach.

You can expect excellent off-road traction on any terrain. This tire has excellent on-road performance and wet and snow traction.


Mud and snow tires are a great investment for anyone who lives in an area where they frequently encounter mud and light snow. They provide better traction and stability than regular tires and can help you avoid accidents.

If you’re considering purchasing mud and snow tires, be sure to do your research to find the right tires for your vehicle and driving needs. Your local Trail Tire Auto Center team can help you determine the best tires for your lifestyle. Looking to browse on your own? Check out our inventory online.