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Is It Safe to Lift My Truck?

Lifting kits are generally one of the fundamental tools that people wish to put on their trucks because not only do they change the looks of the truck vividly through a wide set up of wheels and tires, but they also help navigate rough and rocky terrain and provide visibility.

There are two types of lift kits including Lift kits and Levelling kits. Let’s check it,

Lift Kit

Lift kits are aftermarket accessories and tools used to elevate a vehicle off the ground. These are manufactured and installed by businesses that focus solely on producing extra parts for various vehicles, not by the manufacturer.

Body lift kits are typically the least expensive choice and give a truck or SUV extra room for larger wheels and tires. Off-road vehicles frequently employ these upgrades to get larger wheels for handling difficult trails.

On the other hand, with suspension lift kits, the entire car is raised above the axle and wheels. Through a variety of techniques, these kits raise the frame and body of the car, increasing the height of the suspension physically.

Levelling Kit

The levelling kit similarly balances the elevation of the car both on the front and back sides through a bar that drives on the top and even the bottom of the front stock bar. To level off the truck’s overall stance, a truck levelling kit raises the front of the truck. Adding a levelling kit can allow you to place larger wheels and tires on your truck for a relatively low cost if you rarely load or tow a hefty trailer.

Working methods of the Lift Kits

As mentioned before, the Lift kit lifts the truck on both the front and backside. All the trucks from the factory arrive with a rake which is a 2-inches car altitude that permits the front end of the truck to sit lower than the back end. This recompenses for the weight of the bed of the truck or the trailer so that the truck sits level.

When a driver installs a 3-inch lift kit to the truck, first they need to measure the remoteness between the top and ground of the wheel in the front. It would help your truck to raise to 38-inches from the front side and 36-inches on the back side.

Types of Lift Kits for Lifting the Car

There are several kinds of lift kits. Depending on the purpose and the style of the truck, the lifting kit is needed to select. The size range of the lift kit can vary including 2-inch lift kits, 3-inch lift kits, 6-inch lift kits, 18-inch lift kits, etc.

Out of these car lifting kits, 3-inch lift kits and 6-inch lift kits are generally installed in trucks. Now, you would need to put additional suspension apparatuses if you want to attach a kit taller than 6-inches to your car. Using those additional lifting components, you would be able to prevent car items from breaking and will give a better driving experience.

Is it safe to lift my truck and how risks are involved when lifting the truck?

Now, to the big question. Is it safe to lift my truck? Generally, the answer to the question is yes. It is safe to connect a lift kit with your car if you go for a professional and proper lift-kit installation. However, you must remember several points while adding lifting kits to your car to prevent your car from facing any risks.

  • Any irrational off-road driving practices, irregular maintenance of the lift kits, and adding other lifting kits along with existing lift kits like bearings, CV axles, ball joints, U joints, bushings, and an add-a-leaf may include a risk to your driving experience.
  • If you are going to connect a massive lift kit to your truck, it is obvious that you would put added pressure on the other suspension mechanisms of your truck. Therefore, your car runs a risk of experiencing other broken components. 
  • When you put a 6-inches lifting kit or greater to your truck, it may put a risk of rolling over while taking a corner too fast or recklessly. As has been mentioned beforehand, it is significant to include the essential upgrades to prevent your car from potential damage. 
  • While adding shorter lift kits to your car, there include a risk of wearing and tearing your vehicle components. Moreover, extra stress can also harm your suspension parts. Therefore, when you go for lift kits of 3-inch or more than 3-inches, you need to upgrade your upper controller arm to prevent your car from being damaged.
  • Lastly, you are advised not to cut corners while adding lifting kits to your car. Avoiding shortcuts would help you to build a truck that is safe and doesn’t charge you much to repair in the future. 

Things to remember while selecting the Lift Kits

The appropriate size of the lift kit will differ depending on the purpose and the style of your truck. While selecting truck lift kits to buy, the first thing you need to remember is the style you want to demonstrate in your car. For this purpose, you need to check out a few areas, such as,

  • What your main use for the truck will be
  • Adding a wheel setup and a wide tire to lift the car
  • Adding a lift kit to the car to ride comfortably for regular usage or adding something extra simply to enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle

If you have decided that you would add lift kits to shape up a show truck, you might consider a taller lift kit that would help you grab the attention of the crowd by making your car look cooler. You might want to go for lift kits that are generally from 6-inches to 18-inches in size.

For 6-inch to 18-inches of lift kits, you need to consider an add-a-leaf to be installed in your car. This would make your truck steadier and upgrade the carrying capacity. 

Depending on the brand you decided to go with, you may get a spacer or a completely new strut assembly to lift your truck. If you go with a spacer lift kit, it will sit at the top of your stock strut. A strut lift kit will completely replace your truck’s stock strut. However, if you go for something extra to show off about the car along with making the driving experience comfortable, it would be better if you install 3-inch to 6-inch lift kits in your car. This would give your car the needed boost without lowering your driving abilities.

Finally, as a whole, the size range of your lift kit eventually depends on the styling sense of your truck, hence, make sure to take the correct measurements without cutting corners when fitting the lift kits to your truck so that it lasts without causing damage.