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Firestone Winterforce Tires Buyer’s Guide

Firestone Winterforce Tires Buyer’s Guide

The Firestone Winterforce tires are winter-oriented tires in the mid-range passenger, light truck, and commercial vehicle tire category that delivers excellent traction and control on snow with reliable braking on ice and slush. 

The Winterforce tire lineup includes four variations that can withstand harsh winter conditions. There are models for light trucks, sedans, SUVs, and high-performance vehicles. Although the standard set for these tires is closely related, you should select the one that best fits your vehicle and meets your needs.

Features of Firestone Winterforce Tires 

Firestone uses a winter-weather compound on all of its Winterforce tires to maximize performance in cold temperatures. Furthermore, the tread is moulded into a symmetric directional tread design, which provides improved handling performance on snow and ice.

The pattern features tread blocks covered with numerous 3D zigzag sipes to enhance the tires’ stability when cornering. These features direct water away from the tire’s footprint, resulting in increased hydroplaning resistance and wet grip. The sipes also create more biting edges for better traction on snow and ice, making winter driving safer and more efficient.

All Firestone Winterforce tires feature the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol and are designed to accept studs for added traction on ice and snow.

Most Popular Winterforce Tires

Firestone Winterforce 2

The Firestone Winterforce 2 is arguably the best studdable winter tire on today’s market. It is intended for drivers looking for a quiet and comfortable ride in the winter, as well as long tread life. This model has excellent traction on snow and ice, so you won’t have to exert much effort to maneuver through slick conditions.

Deep circumferential grooves help to channel water away from the contact patch and improve grip on wet surfaces. Wide lateral notches provide precise steering response while clearing snow from the path of the tire.

Firestone Winterforce 2UV

The Winterforce 2UV is the SUV version of the Winterforce 2. It has features similar to the Winterforce 2, the only difference being a larger wheel diameter that allows it to be used on larger vehicles.

The tire features five general tread segments, with a divided centre rib for enhanced water and slush evacuation. It is made with a unique tread compound that resists freezing and heavily siped tread blocks to help grip the snow for better traction. 

The tire performs admirably on the road. It’s a touch louder than others in the segment, but that’s to be expected from studded tires. The grip is also excellent on clear, cold, or slightly icy roads.

Firestone Winterforce LT

If you drive a pickup truck or a van that is frequently loaded with equipment or on job sites that require extra all-terrain traction, the Winterforce LT tire is for you.

The tire has a reinforced sidewall for more load capacity and protection from road hazards. The tread features wider grooves between tread blocks, which gives the driver more traction in slippery conditions like mud and slush that are frequent on construction sites or gravel-dirt roads.

The Winterforce LT performs commendably in snow, sleet, freezing rain, ice, and other challenging winter driving conditions. Simply put, the tire never fails you when you need it most. Although there is some road noise on the highway, the tire’s ride comfort is good. 

This is a fantastic option for pickup truck drivers looking for enhanced dry and wet handling characteristics, a smoother ride overall, and a tough winter tire.

Firestone Winterforce CV

The Winterforce CV was created especially for vans and light commercial trucks. It was built to withstand frequent braking and speed increases, typical during traffic light stops or when moving slowly through congested areas.

To prevent premature tire failure, the internal construction of the Winterforce CV is constructed using a polyester casing reinforced with twin steel belts. 

Overall, Winterforce CV handles various winter weather conditions, including ice, slush, rain, and snow. They also have a low rolling resistance, which means you will pay less at the pump.

Pros and Cons of Firestone Winterforce Tires


  • Good steering response on moderately wet roads
  • Deep snow traction is on par with other brands in the same category
  • Durable and improved tread life
  • Extremely affordable 
  • Commendable winter performance 
  • Has sizes and variants to fit the majority of vehicles 


  • Being low-profile tires, Winterforce tends to be noisy, especially on dry roads.
  • The ice traction is good but not precise 

Wrapping Up 

Firestone Winterforce tires deliver many extra features and benefits that other mid-priced winter tires do not. These tires perform admirably in most weather conditions, particularly when studded.