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  • Confident wet performance year round
  • Long-lasting performance with a
  • 105,000 kilometre limited warranty†
  • Quiet and comfortable ride
  • 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake Certified

WeatherGrip Touring, All Weather The Firestone WeatherGrip tire is engineered to help keep you in control, no matter the weather. This all-weather touring tire is built to provide confident wet performance year round and is 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake certified so you can take on any forecast. Designed for your car, minivan or CUV.

The Firestone WeatherGrip delivers long-lasting performance and comes backed by a 105,000 km limited warranty.* Open Shoulder Slots for enhanced water evacuation from contact patch 3D FULL-DEPTH SIPES on ALL ribs for even wear throughout the tire’s limited mileage warranty period and for enhanced snow traction SNOW TRACTION CLAW™ TECHNOLOGY on center and shoulder blocks with snow vices on intermediate ribs.

Drivers encountering inclement weather frequently have different challenges to deal with. Do their tires have adequate traction on ice or wet roads? Do the tires provide enough grip for them to confidently turn during snowy conditions? Do their tires overheat if the weather is chilly? Tires are not specifically designed to handle all these situations, but all weather tires can be adapted to each different condition.

No tire is perfect in all seasons, although some are made effective by experienced motorists in any type of weather.

Firestone’s WeatherGrip tire has open slots in the shoulders for superior traction on wet roads. Built with Snow Traction Claw Technology along the sidewalls and shoulders for more traction on snowy roads, it is a durable tire.

The WeatherGrip’s 3D sipes ensure even wear so that drivers maintain constant performance throughout the tire’s lifetime.

TOP FITMENTS: Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Nissan
Altima, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Honda CR-V, Ford Focus

TIRE TYPE: Touring
WARRANTY: 105,000 Kilometre Limited Warranty, Gold
Pledge Limited Warranty and 90-Day Buy & Try™