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Peak Confidence for Any Season, Any Weather, Any Journey

Bridgestone is proud to introduce the next generation of all-season tires, pushing the category to new heights with the Bridgestone WeatherPeak tire. Its category leading
wet and winter performance stands out alongside a quiet, comfortable ride. Weather shouldn’t get in the way of a driver’s journey, and the Bridgestone WeatherPeak helps them make sure that a little rain or snow won’t slow them down.

The all-new Bridgestone WeatherPeak tire keeps you prepared by bringing confident all-weather protection to the touring tire category. Bridgestone’s category-leading wet and winter performance, combined with a quiet, comfortable ride, ensure that you enjoy every mile with the confidence that a little rain or snow won’t slow you down.

The Next Evolution of All-Season
The new Bridgestone WeatherPeak tire pushes the all-season category to new heights, creating a touring tire with true all-weather protection. Bridgestone WeatherPeak delivers enhanced wet and winter performance compared to traditional all-season tires, without the noise and wear of winter tires.

Stay in Control With Superior Wet & Dry Grip
The Bridgestone WeatherPeak tire delivers excellent driving control with acceleration and
grip that beats the competition in both wet and dry conditions.

Keep Your Journey Going Longer
The new Bridgestone WeatherPeak tire is backed by a 110,000 kilometer limited warranty.

Winter Braking That Stops Shorter in Snow
The Bridgestone WeatherPeak tire is 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) certified for winter traction and brakes shorter than other all-weather competitors and touring
tires in snow conditions.

Available now at Trail Tire

The next evolution of All-Season—a quiet, long-lasting touring tire with true all-weather protection

  • Superior wet and dry grip
  • 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake
  • Certified for snow performance
  • Kilometre Limited Warranty†

All Season Passenger Car Touring Tire.


  • Full depth 3D Sipes
  • Groove channel and snow vices
  • Open shoulder slots
  • Evolving sipes
  • 3PMSF certified
  • 70,000 Mile Limited Warranty
  • Platinum Pact Limited Warranty
  • 90 day Buy & Try guarantee


  • Provide strong wear performance and grip on snowy roads
  • Promote snow compaction and high speed water flow
  • Provide efficient water evacuation from the footprint in wet conditions
  • Provide improved wet and snow performance
  • For improved winter braking power