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Bridgestone Blizzak Winter Tires – Buyers Guide

Bridgestone Blizzak Tires

If you’ve ever driven in winter conditions in tires that weren’t up to the task, you understand the value of good winter tires. Blizzak winter tires ensure your safety by providing maximum grip and traction to get you through inclement weather.

An excellent choice for facing these adversities is Bridgestone Blizzak winter tires. They are widely available and have a track record of guaranteeing peace of mind all winter. 

Bridgestone offers over 15 tire variations, including commercial and luxury car winter tires. We’ll look at some of their most popular and sought-after models to help you decide which is best for your vehicle.

Blizzak Tires’ Distinctive features

Whether you’re driving an SUV, minivan, commercial vehicle, or sedan, the Blizzak tire line is built to take on the hardest circumstances.

The tires’ technology has made them an excellent value for money in adverse winter conditions.

Nano-Pro Tech and RC Polymer 

Nano-Pro Tech improves tire traction in wet conditions, fuel efficiency, wear resistance, and durability. The RC polymer improves the traction of the Blizzak tire in slick and snowy situations. Both of these features protect your vehicle from slipping and sliding while driving.

3D zigzag stripes

The thin, narrow slots moulded into the tread element increase the number of biting edges for improved traction on snowy and icy roads. 

Multicell Compound

Multicell compound accounts for 45% of the tread, which forms millions of microscopic pores that remove thin coats of surface water that can cause the car to slide on the ice. It enables a greater tread contact area and more grip.

Most Popular Blizzak Winter Tires 

Blizzak WS90: Best-in-Class Winter Tire 

It is impossible to discuss Blizzak tires without bringing up the WS90. This is the latest addition to their WS series, designed for drivers seeking confident handling and control in difficult winter conditions.

Safety is always a top concern, but it is more important when driving in the winter. For this reason, Bridgestone developed the WS90 as one of the safest tires for driving on ice and snow by equipping it with the EdgePerformance Technology package. 

The tread contact area is increased to improve ice traction, and the block edges are 15% longer than on the WS80. The result is shorter braking distances, which make driving on ice and snow safer and more confident.

The Blizzak WS90’s tread pattern also has 30% more block stiffness, which improves responsiveness and wear life.

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2: For Light Trucks, Crossovers, and SUVs

Even the best all-terrain or mud-terrain tires on your truck won’t match the performance of a dedicated winter tire when winter weather strikes.

Bridgestone understands this and has dedicated Blizzak tires to this “almost forgotten category” with their best-selling DM-V2 tire. 

The DM-V2 is arguably one of the most popular SUV winter tires today. It comes packed with impressive features and a new and dynamic working model.

This includes an updated Multicell compound with a hydrophilic coating for better traction on snow and ice and improved ground contact for better grip on icy roads.

One significant advantage of the DM-V2 tire is that it eliminates the need for additional equipment, such as chains or studs, which is better for the roads and more convenient for drivers.

Bridgestone Blizzak LM001: Performance Winter 

The Bridgestone Blizzak LM001 tires allow you to maintain the driving dynamics of your muscle car while minimizing wheel spin and braking distances in winter. 

The LM001 has a directional tread pattern with sweeping lateral grooves and wide longitudinal grooves that cut through water and slush. That means your vehicle will always remain firmly planted on the road. 

And to keep you in control when winter roads are dry, the Blizzak LM001 features wide outer shoulder blocks, which provide precise steering response.

The wide tread blocks add biting edges and optimize rubber placement to ensure confident braking and acceleration, whether roads are bare or blanketed in snow.

Bottom Line

Blizzak tires are undoubtedly the greatest winter tires for any automobile and are worth investing in, especially if you live in a region where actual winter—packed ice and significant snowfall—occurs.

Bridgestone has a vast assortment of Blizzak tires, ensuring you receive the proper fit for your car. For some drivers, the price point may be out of reach, but their performance more than makes up for it.