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Vehicle Diagnostics Calgary, Trail Tire Auto Centers Falconridge

Vehicle Diagnostics

You rely on your automobiles to securely transport you and your family to work, school, through everyday errands, and even weekend trips. You want Canada’s most professional and dependable technicians when you require routine maintenance or vehicle diagnostic services. Bring your automobile or truck to Trail Tire Auto Centers Falconridge for automotive diagnostics, and you can rest assured that our dedication to quality is evident in our work.

We offer comprehensive automotive diagnostic services to improve your vehicle’s performance and extend its life. To get accurate outcomes, our skilled mechanics employ cutting-edge technologies. We use modern scanning tools that can detect any issue with your car. These include the scad2 scanner, and obd2 scanner.

When a car’s sensors detect a problem, they send a message known as an “error code,” which can appear as a check engine light or another alert on the dashboard. On-board diagnostics can examine these trouble codes to establish what’s wrong and then clear them from the system memory once the issue is fixed.

What Are Vehicle Diagnostics?

The process of evaluating a vehicle and discovering the reason for any faults it may have is known as diagnostics. Having a qualified and experienced crew do diagnostics on your car is an essential step in ensuring that it runs efficiently and safely. We have some of the most comprehensive and precise diagnostic techniques available at Trail Tire Auto Centers Falconridge, Calgary. When we perform diagnostics, we look at items like:

Warning Lights

Your vehicle’s dashboard hazard lights are a critical safety feature. When something is wrong with your vehicle, the dashboard warning lights will illuminate. Bring your vehicle to Trail Tire Auto Centers Falconridge, Calgary when your dashboard warning light turns on so we can conduct a diagnostic and address the problem.

Scan Tool

A scan tool is an electrical device that allows us to communicate with, diagnose, and even reconfigure the controllers in your car.

Rough Running

Bumpy running might result from various factors, from a faulty oxygen sensor (or O2 sensor) to blocked fuel filters or a defective fuel pump. It’s time to take your car in for a diagnostic if it’s not functioning smoothly.


The electrical power that operates everything from your lights to your radio comes from your battery. To keep your battery in good operating order, you should change it regularly.


Your electrical system’s alternator is a crucial component. While the engine is operating, it charges the battery and provides power to the electrical system.

Charging System

The charging system inspection and repair services provided by Trail Tire Auto Centers Falconridge are second to none. We’ll inspect your batteries, battery terminal posts, cables, clamps and for purity and efficiency, as well as correct any wiring issues.


You should have your exhaust inspected by an experienced and certified expert at Trail Tire Auto Centers Falconridge, Calgary if you find it is louder than usual or hears sounds like rattling.


When your car misfires, it’s warning you that something is amiss and that you should get it checked out. Rough running or even halting are common side effects of misfires.

Hard Shifting

When changing gears, you want this to go as smoothly as possible. Hard shifting is inconvenient and might even be dangerous.


Airbags are supposed to save lives, but if your car’s airbags aren’t functioning right, they could cause more harm than good. We’ll run a diagnostic at Trail Tire Auto Centers Falconridge to ensure your airbags are in good operating order and can safeguard you and your passengers.

Traction Control

The traction control system prevents the vehicle from losing traction.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

The tire pressure monitoring system, or TPMS, keeps track of the air pressure in your tires and alerts you when they have to be inflated.


To avoid skidding, the ABS (anti-lock braking system) must be in good functioning order.

Emissions Test

An emissions test examines your vehicle to ensure that it is not producing pollutants over the permissible limit. Our ASE-certified specialists will do everything possible to keep your car in top condition.

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Engine Diagnostics at Trail Tire Auto Centers

Engine Diagnostics at Trail Tire Auto Centers Falconridge, Calgary

Any modern car has multiple intertwined technologies that function in unison to provide a fluid, comfortable ride. When these components become out of whack nothing less of a skilled diagnostics check-up will restore everything to its original state.Trail Tire Auto Centers Falconridge, Calgary diagnostics work is a terrific choice for assessing fault codes and pushing your vehicle’s tuning to another level.

When a customer takes their car to our facility, we inspect every system, from electrical difficulties to engine problems, all of which can have a real-world impact. The diagnostic tools we employ are of the most outstanding quality, capable of addressing even minor issues that may be obstructing your driving time. Trail Tire Auto Centers Falconridge, Calgary full engine diagnostics and tune-up solution will give your car the best care, and you’ll notice instant improvements in fuel performance and efficiency.

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