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All Terrain Tire Calgary, Trail Tire Auto Centers Falconridge

All-terrain tires, abbreviated as A/T, are the tires to buy if you want a perfect blend between on-road and off-road tires. Although all tires don’t perform as well as tires specifically designed for off-road use, they will provide good traction whether you are on crushed rock or paved roads. With this sort of tire, you have the best of all worlds. All-Terrain (AT) tires are designed with all-season efficiency and off-road toughness in mind, allowing you to drive on any road in just about any condition. More comprehensive, profound treads provide traction on dirt and bumpy roads while also being crafted for highway use.

All-terrain tires emphasize on-road and off-road performance characteristics, allowing for overland exploration without sacrificing everyday cruising. All-terrain tires frequently feature off-road rubber technology’s high points, such as more robust tread rubber and cemented sidewalls, more profound and much more workable tread, and overall increased durability.

All Terrain Tire Features

  • The tread frames are pretty close together, allowing for more touch with the pavement.
  • Noise reduction is an all-terrain tire incentive. All-terrain tires have tread blocks that are closer together. This lessens tire noise while driving down the road.
  • Siping is made up of slits cut into the upper tread block. This procedure assists the tire in gaining traction in wet and winter conditions.

Strengths Of All-Terrain Tires

All-terrain tires provide improved traction and capacity, off-road and in adverse weather, especially snowy weather conditions. While many original equipment SUV and truck tires are restrictive, all-terrain tires enable a 4×4’s full diversified potential to come to the realization. Furthermore, many all-terrain tires will greatly increase a vehicle’s hauling and towing capacity because of their outstanding load range. Many all-terrain tires also come with warranties of up to 80,000 kilometers.

Designed to handle dirt roads, gravel driveways, and highways, but you never have to halt uncovering, and your tires never keep you back. The Elite All-Season Performance Destination and TransForce tires are designed to perform well in wet, crumbly, and light winter conditions.

Can I Drive All-Terrain Tires In The Snow?

While all-terrain tires are not snow tires, they do provide improved traction in the winter. All-terrain tires have recently qualified for “Intense Snow Traction.” The three-peak mountain snowflake symbol emblazoned on the tire sidewall distinguishes these all-terrain tires.

Mud-Terrain/Off-Road Tires vs. All-Terrain Tires

The difference between the two types of rubber comes down to capacity in terms of off-road effectiveness and traction. A mud-terrain/off-road tire is mainly designed for maximum traction in challenging off-road conditions, whereas an all-terrain tire balances on-road and off-road performance. This means that while all-terrain tires are more like a compromise (and thus less capable) off-road, they are much less of a compromise in all attributes of on-road driving. On the other hand, mud-terrain tires rarely come with a fuel economy warranty and frequently provide poorer performance and maneuverability for street use than original equipment (OE) tires.

If you need to drive off-road, you should buy all-terrain tires. These tires are suitable for driving and towing. They will not skimp on fuel efficiency. Moreover, you’ll be able to use these tires without having to worry about safety. In other words, the all-terrain tire is an all-round tire. If you’re planning to drive on off-road terrains, then you should invest in all-terrain tires.

What Types Of Vehicles May Require An All-Terrain Tire?

All-terrain tires can improve the performance of trucks, SUVs, and some crossover vehicles. Vehicles equipped with four-wheel or all-wheel drive traction systems will benefit the most from all-terrain tire traction.

Performance Balanced For On And Off-Road Use

Designed to reduce road noise so you can cruise in comfort no matter where you go. All-Terrain tires provide versatile performance on and off the road. This tire selection will provide your vehicle with excellent traction on any highway and in any weather condition.

When choosing the right all-terrain tire, it is essential to consider the type of vehicle and terrain you use. If you spend most of your time off-road, look for one with a high load rating, but if you don’t, choose a softer tire with a chunky tread pattern for extra grip. You can also select a quieter all-terrain tire with lower gas mileage. A good brand will stand behind its products and offer a limited warranty.

All-terrain tires are also ideal for narrow mountain roads. While they may not be as durable as mud-terrain tires, they still offer exceptional all-terrain performance. Unlike snow-terrain tires, these all-terrain tires will not be ruined by low temperatures. The traction they provide is sufficient even in freezing conditions. These are the best all-terrain tires for off-road conditions. Aside from these qualities, all-terrain tires also offer better fuel efficiency compared to other types of tires.

All-terrain tires are perfect for a variety of situations. They are made to handle rough terrains. They have a better hauling capacity than any other type of tire. In addition, they are more durable than regular asphalt and road. In addition to this, they also have an efficient drainage system, which makes them a good choice for highway use. They’re an excellent option for any situation that you need to drive on-road or off-road.

The Best All Terrain Tires

Whether you choose All Terrain Tires because you need them or because you prefer the aggressive look they give your ride, we have the best available products across Western Canada. For decades we have been recommending, selling, and installing All Terrain tires across Western Canada. We know which products lead to the highest customer satisfaction for the many markets we are happy to serve.

BFGoodrich Tires

BFG All Terrain KO2

The All-Terrain T/A KO2 tire is built for BFG’s “Original Off-Road” lifestyle. Engineers took everything you loved about the T/A KO and made it even better. They bumped up the sidewall height, which not only allows for better handling on road, but adds even more comfort on the trail. The tread pattern was fine tuned to provide enhanced stability in loose terrain, while providing biting edges for improved grip on slick surfaces.

BFGoodrich’s award-winning All-Terrain KO2 combines the extreme traction of an aggressive all-terrain design with balanced performance on pavement. Designed specifically for large sport utility vehicles, pick-up trucks, construction vehicles and crossover vehicles, this tire is ready to tackle tough terrains like snow & ice, mud, rocks, wintry/unprotected roads, and rugged trails.

BFG All Terrain KO2 is a revolutionary winter tire, specifically designed to offer perfect results with superior performance on asphalt during the winter. In fact, it is the only winter tire available on the market that has homologation on all terrains including on icy and snowy conditions.

This is not just a claim. The product was developed to remove the skidding and aquaplaning phenomena. This has been done on all terrains: asphalt, concrete roads and impervious surfaces like gravel roads and off-road.

Firestone Destination XT1


Firestone Destination XT1 truck tires are an ultimate all terrain performance tire. They offer incredible off-road traction with sidewall stability to protect rims and enhance appearance for consumer and fleet vehicles.

The Destination XT1 tire is Firestone’s most aggressive and adventurous truck and SUV off-road tire. It includes staggered shoulder lugs, open shoulder tread elements, full depth siping, and an asymmetric tread design that enhance performance in the most punishing off-road environments.

When winter hits this is where the Destination XT1 performs, offering a smooth and confident ride on snow and icy surfaces. In addition, the directional tread helps to increase traction on hills and in turns.

The Destination XT1 is a quiet tire with a long tread life and performance in all terrains.

Cooper AT3

The Cooper AT3 provides one of the deepest starting tread depths in the industry. Maximum depth of 1.8mm means greater cushion for your car’s underbody and enhanced performance on rugged terrain. Plus, a powerful “traction-rib” construction lifts tread to help resist hydroplaning.

When it comes to getting a grip. The Cooper A/T3 tire is designed for drivers who love getting out there and exploring where the road takes them. This adventurous all-terrain tire delivers more biting edges to tackle any terrain, more biting edges underfoot on packed snow, and more consistent traction on high speed cornering as well as on straightaways—so you can tackle any challenge that comes your way with confidence.

The Cooper AT3 is a great fit for drivers looking to maximize traction and braking in snow and ice. It features a unique tread pattern designed to release the best possible grip from snow and ice.

An advanced Tire Tread design combines with advanced rubber compounds. These tires’ consistent performance and customer satisfaction puts it on our list of top All Terrain options.

Radar Renegade A/T-5


The Radar Renegade A/T-5 is ready to take on any terrain you’ve got, mud, sand, snow – the possibilities are endless. It’s ready for anything you throw at it, making this tire one of our best selling products in Western Canada.

Radar Renegade A/T-5 All Terrain tires use our next generation Locking Pin and Notch (LPN) technology to engage more angular contact with the terrain, resulting in higher mileage and longer tread life. This performance enhancement combined with the unstoppable Renegade confidence inspires owners to take their vehicle anywhere.

If you deal with snow, ice, slush, and freezing temperatures in the winter months, embrace the cold. Get out there with our Renegade A/T-5 All Terrain tires. Made for pickups, SUVs, vans and light trucks, they are available for many Western Canadian vehicles.

Packed with benefits like beefed up sidewalls for cooler running temps and rugged, all-terrain traction for rugged conditions.

So if your world is rugged, opt for rugged treads. For life off-road. For winter. For everything else.

Toyo Open Country AT III


The Open Country A/T III is an industry standard in aggressive all-terrain tires. This tire gives you ultimate driving control for your Truck, SUV or Crossover vehicle and is designed to provide high performance on all types of terrain.

The Open Country A/T III combines aggressive technologies with a quiet, comfortable smooth ride. It offers a powerful tread pattern with a new compound, increased 3D siping depths, staggered shoulder blocks, and helps deliver the ultimate off-road traction for serious truck enthusiasts.

When winter comes the enhanced tread design helps increase traction on the highway and in wet/snowy weather. The open shoulder blocks give this tire added flotation in muddy and snowy conditions.

The Open Country All-Terrain Tires’ new tread pattern gives it a dramatically improved look—but its performance remains legendary. With a new tread compound and a more aggressive tread pattern, these rugged tires provide unsurpassed strength and durability on the highway, on the farm, or on the trail.

There you have it, the top All Terrain recommendations from Trail Tire Auto Centers Falconridge, Calgary for Western Canada. Still not sure which is right for you? Talk to an expert or shop online. Still need help please feel free to read on.

All Terrain Tires Vs All Season Tires

All Terrain Tires are designed for light off road use, but they are also decent for highway driving. These tires can also be designed to be driven in mud, snow or ice. All Terrain Tires are capable of handling the most extreme weather conditions, including heavy rain, snow, sleet and hail.

The main difference between All Terrain Tires and All Season tires is that the tread of All Terrain Tires is more aggressive to allow for better traction off-road. The main trade-offs to consider when comparing these two types of products are that AT tires:

1) Can produce more road noise than all season tires on road.

2) Can wear quicker if used primarily on road than all season tires

3) Provide less fuel economy on road than all season tires

All Terrain Tires Vs Mud Tires

All terrain tires have a different tread pattern from mud tires. This is because mud tires have a different purpose from all terrain tires. The tread on a mud tire is designed to get maximum traction in extreme off-road conditions.

All Terrain tires are designed to get maximum traction in light off-road applications since they are not as aggressive as a mud tire. Mud tires generally have fewer lugs giving the tread a wider and deeper design than All Terrain tires.

If you plan on spending most of your time off road in extreme conditions a Mud tire is probably the better tire for you to reduce having to get winched out. If you only play in off road conditions sometimes but are on the road more of the time we would recommend an All Terrain tire.

The same three trade offs listed here would be applicable to comparing an All Terrain tire vs a mud a tire.

All Terrain Tires Vs Winter Tires

All Terrain tires can be, and are, used during winter months quite regularly. Many come with a Three-Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF). However, scientifically the tire compounds that are created for dirt, gravel, fields, vs cold winter conditions are different.

Although tire engineers are getting closer to defying science, no tire will perform better in Western Canadian winters than a specifically engineered and designated winter tire.

If you drive in extreme winter conditions and want the most security, safety, and comfort every expert will recommend winter tires first.

Can I get bigger AT Tires

Well now you are opening another can of worms that truly requires an expert opinion. Luckily, Trail Tire Auto Centers Falconridge, Calgary are the leading experts and the answer is yes, you probably can.

How much bigger depends on if you want to upgrade your current wheels to accommodate a big increase in tire size. You can use our wheel studio to visualize what larger tires and wheels would look like on your vehicle with proper fitment data. If you are thinking larger than any option of tire and wheel you see here it would be best to contact us directly.

Please feel free to reach out to any of our Trail Tire Experts to find out more about which All Terrain Tires would be best for your vehicle!

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