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Performance Tires at Trail Tire

Performance Tires are intended to provide users of sports cars and other vehicles with improved handling and traction in both wet and dry situations. They are critical to delivering the thrilling driving experience some drivers want. Performance tires use specialized tread patterns, manufacturing characteristics, and rubber compounds to improve precision, sensitivity, and traction.

Do I Need Performance Tires?

Consider your driving priorities if you’re unsure whether Performance Tires are ideal for you. Different drivers have different expectations of their vehicles, and the tires they choose can make or break the experience. Performance Tires are the best choice for:

  • Drivers seeking precision handling, better grip, and responsiveness.
  • Drivers who are willing to make minor concessions in terms of gas mileage, ride quality, and tire lifespan in exchange for improved road control.
  • Drivers who seek more than just a smooth ride from point A to point B.

Before Speeding Away On Performance Tires

Tire speed ratings, such as the maximum speed on your speedometer, are always higher than legal speed restrictions, but they are not a license to drive fast. Clearly, no matter what vehicle you operate, we do not encourage driving in an unsafe way or exceeding the speed limit.

So, what exactly are tire speed ratings, and how do they come into play?

Character symbols represent the tire’s speed rating, which is established by manufacturer testing. Speed ratings were first developed for sports cars decades ago, especially in Europe, where a few roads didn’t have speed restrictions. Car manufacturers use tire speed ratings to guarantee that cars and tires are suitable. In general, the greater a tire’s speed rating, the more performance-oriented it is.

The letter signs H, V, W, and Y are standard speed designations found on different aspects of performance tires. While there are no industry standards, tire buyers should expect to find:

  • Performance rubber with a speed rating of H (up to 210 kph) may be available; this category may also include winter tires for high-performance automobiles.
  • High-performance all-season tires are available in H (210 kph) and V speed categories (up to 240 kph).
  • Ultra-high performance tires (summer and all-season variants) include V (up to 149 mph), Z (greater than 240 kph), W (up to 300 kph), and Y speed ratings (up 186 mph).

Check your vehicle’s owner’s handbook to determine the required tire speed rating. It could also be displayed on the tire description placard (label) attached to the inside of the door. In the size/service information code, tire manufacturers place the letter speed indicator on the sidewall. We can assist you with locating tire speed rating data.

Michelin Pilot Sports Performance Tires


Michelin Pilot Sport performance tires are a high-end summer tire alternative for automobiles with extreme performance. It’s been selected as the standard tire on cars like the Dodge Viper.

Features Of Michelin Pilot Sports Performance Tires

The Michelin Pilot Sport can help you get the most out of your high-performance car by utilizing a multitude of innovative technologies. The casing design employs BAZ (Banded At Zero) technology to increase strength, resulting in increased steadiness and reactivity when traveling at high speeds.

The Michelin Pilot Sport is a summer tire alternative for high-performance drivers seeking the optimum combination of performance and traction from their summer tires.

Performance Tires Selection Guide

Keep the following in mind while shopping for Performance Tires:

  • Ensure that they follow the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • All four tires should have the same speed rating.
  • Remember that speed values are based on laboratory measurements performed under rigorous conditions. The conditions you’ll encounter on the road will almost always differ from others in the lab.

We recommend ultra-high performance (UHP) summer tires when it comes to how your high-performance vehicle handles turns and at high speeds. With a broader diameter, narrower sidewalls, and an incredibly sticky rubber compound, you’ll enjoy more excellent handling, braking, and acceleration for every mile.

An ultra-high-performance tire is distinguished not only by its size – 18 inches in diameter or more – but also by its higher competency in the most challenging circumstances. With a pair of UHP rubber on your performance vehicle, you can expect a sportier ride, easier lane changes, and improved steering precision and turning stability.

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