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Continental Tires at Trail Tire

Continental Tire is one of the world’s largest tire producers, ranking fourth, and its products are renowned for their dependability, durability, and comfort. Continental Tire selections can be ideal for drivers who seek control and the ability to come to a complete stop quickly. They concentrate on braking performance and claim that their tires will stop faster and farther than competitors.

Continental Tire provides outstanding value for customers by always lifting the bar and concentrating on continuously improving their rubber manufacturing and distribution operations for customers’ interests. They’ve also developed various technologies, including ContiSealTM, a substance injected into tires to resist punctures, and Continental SSR, a run-flat-tire. Their innovations aim to make their tire offerings safer, and more ecological.

They are the original equipment manufacturer for some well-known automobile manufacturers, like BMW and Audi, which speaks much about their quality and dependability. In addition, they provide a complete guarantee that includes tire replacement for up to 72 months.

Continental Tires – All-Season

ContiExtremeContact, ContiTouring, and ContiProContact are among Continental Tire’s all-season offerings. Continental Tire may be the perfect match for you if you’re seeking long-lasting tires that provide faster stopping in any environment.

Continental Winter/Snow Tires

When the temperature falls below 7 degrees celsius, swap to winter/snow tires.

Continental ContiWinterContact and Continental 4×4 WinterContact Performance Snow / Winter tires are made with rubber compositions that remain flexible in freezing conditions. Their asymmetric tread patterns combine sensitive handling with snow grip. Look no more if you’re seeking winter tires you can rely on to keep your family safe in the ice and snow. Continental tires have the following advantages for their users;

  • Continental winter tires value driver safety above all.
  • Continental winter tires are environmentally friendly.
  • Continental winter tire performance speak for themselves.

Continental Tires – Light Truck/SUV

Continental Tire’s truck, SUV, and CUV tires have distinct, asymmetric designs that will assist you in navigating even the most challenging terrain. The long-lasting CrossContact is available in a variety of options to keep you in command whether you’re carrying the kids around town or adventuring off-road.

Continental Tires Performance

The ContiSportContact and ExtremeContact are excellent choices for drivers who want to push their car to its limits. Continental Tire’s performance tires consistently provide unrivaled braking distances, allowing you to drive confidently in any weather.

Continental Tire is headquartered in Germany, where it has been producing rubber products for more than 150 years. Continental tires are now standard on one out of every three European vehicles. They also produce a wide range of other automotive items, such as brake systems, engine, and chassis parts, which they offer to premium vehicle manufacturers.

Are Continental Tires Quiet or Noisy?

Continental, the world’s fourth-largest tire manufacturer, uses years of experience to produce some of the most fantastic tires in the industry. Its tires provide an appealing combination of good traction on terrain and exceptional riding comfort. Nevertheless, if the tires are noisier, these characteristics may be ineffective.

Continental tires are generally quiet, though this ranges depending on the type. Continental’s ContiSilent noise-reducing technology employs an inner tire absorber to reduce internal street noise by up to nine decibels. This results in quiet and comfortable rides.

Standard tires, in most cases, lack noise-reduction innovation and are often unpleasant to ride on. On the other hand, Continental tires include a variety of characteristics designed to minimize road noise as much as possible. As a result, we can confidently state that it is quieter than many other models available.

The unique ContiSilent innovation is one of these noise-canceling features. ContiSilent technology, found on models like the Continental PremiumContact, considerably reduces road noise. Even when driving at high velocities, it will keep the trip peaceful.

How Does the ContiSilent Feature Work?

The CS system includes a polyether-derived polyurethane foam that aids in tire noise absorption.

The foam adheres to the inside tread region with an adhesive, regardless of whether or temperature variations. As a result, the tire absorbs noise and keeps it from entering the cabin as you travel.

The ContiSilent feature, on the other hand, is only available on Continental’s summer performance tires. All-season tires, such as the Continental Extreme Contact DWS06, utilize smart tread patterns to minimize road noise. The majority of the Continental tires we saw had some noise-reducing function or another. This strengthens the German company’s image as a producer of quiet tires.

What kind of Continental Performance Tires should I get?

It’s not always easy to find the perfect tire for your car. Narrowing down your options to one or a few brands will assist you in avoiding feeling overwhelmed by choices. 

Continental Tires is one such manufacturer worth considering for high-performance trucks and sports cars. Each year, it is a premium brand installed as original equipment (OE) on loads of new car models. The company is one of the more premium performance tires on the market. Still, it has a history of German precision engineering, creativity, quality, and excellent performance to back up the higher prices. 

Continental Tire Warranty

Continental Tire has a Total Confidence Plan which includes:

  • 3 Year Flat Tire Change Roadside Assistance*
  • Road Hazard
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Limited Warranty
  • Mileage Warranty

Speak with our service advisors for more information and to learn about the latest warranties.


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