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Vehicle Suspension Service in Edmonton, Trail Tire Auto Centers West

Vehicle Suspension Service

Someone who drives a car daily cannot dismiss the vehicle suspension. It reduces the number of uncomfortable jerks in your automobile during a tough road trip.

Despite being one of the most crucial pieces of a vehicle, suspension is sometimes disregarded or ignored. Nonetheless, this will provide a thorough explanation of how vehicle suspension operates and how various forms of suspension work in general.

What is Vehicle Suspension?

The suspension system consists of a car chassis that is wrapped around the vehicle body and wheels. The suspension system is purposefully designed to anticipate the different surprises that an irregular road surface might bring.

Suspension can improve a wheel’s contact with the road. There are at least a few significant functions of automotive suspension.

How Does Vehicle Suspension Work ?

The fundamental function of the suspension system is to decrease or absorb various automotive vibrations caused by the road surface. This will make the people in the car feel protected and comfortable.

Components of the Suspension

A suspension, in general, is made up of multiple components, each of which serves a different purpose. Several types of vehicles have been outfitted with a variety of features to complement the suspension system. The inclusion of components is typically done to supplement the needs of the car.

Shock Absorber

A shock absorber is an automobile suspension component that dampens up and down motions or oscillations created by springs that absorb different shocks or tremors from the road pavement.

There is a fluid in a shock absorber that works as a shock absorber lubricant. When the piston travels in a cylinder enclosed in the shock absorber, the Shock Absorber liquid will take the spring’s oxylation through the resistance of oil supply in a tiny opening or orifice.

Vehicle Suspension Springs

Springs are an important component that plays an essential function in a vehicle’s suspension system. The Spring’s primary job is to absorb or attenuate the numerous shocks generated by road friction with the automobile wheels so that they do not continue to the vehicle body.

The springs also boost the traction of the wheels on the highway, making the passengers feel more at ease in the vehicle.

Stabilizer Bar

The stabilizer bar is an automobile suspension component that keeps the body balanced while the vehicle turns. When the driver turns, it will generate a centrifugal force, which is the force exerted by an object that turns or spins to escape from the track.

When the vehicle is used at high speeds and quick turns, the centrifugal force is stronger than when the motor is used at low speeds. Excessive centrifugal force will usually cause the vehicle to overturn if it makes a sharp turn at a high speed. The stabilizer device will aid in the stability of the vehicle, preventing it from rolling over.

In essence, the stabilizer is an iron rod that connects or connects the lower arms of the left and right wheels. It is typically attached to the car body in the midsection. Stabilizer iron rods usually have a high degree of flexibility, allowing them to act in accordance with the specifications of the vehicle.

Ball Joint

The ball joint is a type of suspension element that accepts lateral and horizontal loads on the vehicle. When the car is turning, the ball joint also functions as a rotation axis. Top ball joints and bottom ball joints are the two most common forms of ball joints.

Oil is commonly found in ball joints to lubricate the numerous pieces that rub against one another. Of course, when there is no oil, the resistance will be ineffective, and the ball joint cannot function properly.


A bumper is an extra component that is part of the suspension system. A bumper is made up of various features, including bounding and rebounding. Both are typically placed to protect the wheel, frame, Shock Absorber, and other components.

When the spring configuration is expanding and compressing over its set capacity, protection will be applied. This will protect the bounding and rebounding elements from damage.

Lateral Control Rod

Even though it is undoubtedly present in a four-wheeled car, the horizontal control rod is a lesser-known supplementary car suspension component.

When a load comes from the side, the lateral control rod component holds the axle in place. The lateral control rod is often positioned between the vehicle’s axle and the body.

Because every automotive component has a defined maintenance and repair period, the lateral control rod component is critical. If you own a car, you must continually pay attention to the many parts of the vehicle. Do not allow the elements to become damaged, as this will impair the vehicle’s performance.

Strut bar

The strut bar is a part of the vehicle’s suspension system that holds the lower arm in place so that the front axles can turn properly. The steering wheel of an automobile can turn on its own, which commonly happens when the car is in a straight position after turning.

Since the vehicle’s front wheel is built with a tilt, commonly referred to as front wheel alignment, the steering wheel turns swiftly.

Upper and Lower Arm

The suspension system’s upper and lower arms connect the knuckle arm to the vehicle body, allowing the wheels to be mounted to the knuckle arm. Although not all suspension systems feature an upper arm, they all use a bottom arm.

In an automobile suspension system, the arms function similarly to a human hand which can move up and down. This part is known as a wishbone or an a-arm in mechanical language. The car’s upper and lower arms allow it to turn steadily.

Knuckle Arm

The knuckle arm is an automobile suspension component located in front of the car wheel. The vehicle’s wheels will spin indefinitely on the spindle shaft connected to the knuckle arm. A ball joint will also link the knuckle arm element to the lower arm.

Because the knuckle arm serves an essential purpose, you must always keep the vehicle’s suspension system in good working order. Ensure the vehicle’s condition in approved shops so that the inspection is completed thoroughly, and all suspension parts that are significantly damaged should, of course, be replaced right away.

Need help with your vehicle suspension?

If you discover numerous difficulties with your vehicle’s suspension system, you must promptly inspect the vehicle’s state so that it may be dealt with directly. The condition of a vehicle’s suspension has a considerable impact on its comfort.

Trail Tire Auto Centers West, Edmonton provide a wide range of repair and maintenance services of any vehicle. Our team of professionals is familiar with a wide range of power steering racks, struts, shock absorbers, axles, bushings, tire rods, ball joints, and other critical components. We will ensure that your car is safe, comfortable, and enjoyable to drive while ensuring you get the most out of your money.

We work as hard as your vehicle’s suspension system to ensure your safety and comfort. Our comprehensive suspension assessments will provide you with peace of mind by detecting warning signs of more significant difficulties before they become a problem. We will keep track of the regular wear and tear on your suspension with routine assessment and suggest the required repairs and replacements of the components. Regardless of where or how you are driving, our primary objective is to ensure that you continuously get full control and comfort.

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