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Heating and Air Conditioning Edmonton, Trail Tire Auto Centers West

Air Conditioning & Heating

When the climate outside is chilly, your car’s heating system keeps you warm, relaxed, and safe. The heater core, heater hoses, blower motor and fan, heater control valve, HVAC (heater, airflow, air conditioning) control panel on your center console and cabin air filter are some of the primary elements of your car’s heating system.

When the weather outside is toasty or humid, your car’s air – conditioning system keeps you cool and comfortable. The refrigerant, receiver drier, evaporator, condenser, compressor, expansion valve and some of the same HVAC parts used in the heating system are among the core parts of your car’s air conditioning system.

The weather in Canada is unpredictable, and there are days when you need your vehicle’s air conditioning and heating to operate within hours. The best way to ensure that your machine is ready when you need it more is to maintain a regular car HVAC maintenance plan and repair issues immediately. It’s also beneficial to understand how your heater and air conditioner work. Read more about the two systems to improve your chances of detecting problems before they become too severe.

How Do Your Heater And Air Conditioning Work?

We’d all be desperately unhappy driving to our destination without the heating and air conditioning systems found in today’s newer cars. We take for granted the heat that keeps us warm during the winter and the cool air that rejuvenates us in the summer. Let’s take a gander at how both systems operate to keep us comfortable throughout the year.

Your car’s heater is essentially a scaled-down version of the radiator in your cooling system. A small radiator, also known as a heater core, circulates hot engine coolant. A fan is placed in front of the heater core to strike cold outside air over the fins. As this air passes over the heater core, it warms up and transforms into the hot air that blows through your heater vents.

Like the radiator in your engine, the heater core can experience some of the same problems as the radiator. You would no longer have warm air if the heater core had become blocked up with rust or silt. Leaks can also fill your cabin with white steam, causing your windows to fog up. If you smell refrigerant when your heater is turned on, you probably have a tiny hole in the heater core. The heater core is frequently hidden beneath the dashboard, and substituting it is a significant undertaking.

A compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and evaporator are all part of your car’s air conditioning system. If you’ve ever used compressed air to sanitize computer parts, you know how quickly the bottle gets very cold. This is because the compressed gas expands quickly. A similar process occurs in the air conditioning system of your vehicle. The compressor compresses the refrigerant, converting it to a heated gas. This heated gas is cooled to fluid in the condenser and then passes through the expansion valve. As the air passes through the control valve, it turns into a low-pressure gas and cools quickly in the evaporator. A fan circulates air over the evaporator, cooling the air that finally escapes through your vents. When diagnosing your HVAC system, it’s vital to have solid procedures and illustrations; in the past, you’d take a printed handbook, but they’re now available on the internet.

Common Vehicle Air Conditioning & Heating Issues

  • To restore optimal efficiency, the A/C system must be recharged regularly. A leak may occasionally cause refrigerant loss and must be repaired before refilling. It’s tough to identify if there’s a leak without specialized testing equipment, so leave it to the pros.
  • The EPA has rolled out the usage of R-12 Freon throughout all refrigeration systems. recently, and R-134 became the new norm. If you have an ancient R-12 system, you may need to modify it to accommodate the new R-134 refrigerant. Seals, hoses, and indeed the compressor must be replaced on occasion. The issue develops when existing seals and hoses are incompatible with the new oils used in R-134.
  • Corrosion will produce a leak in the heater core (supplementary radiator). This will be evident by the presence of steam in the passenger cabin and the fogging of your windows. The delicious smell coming from your vents will alert you to the presence of a leak. Sadly, engineers try to fit heater cores into some tiny areas under the dash, making changing them not the easiest job in the world.

Signs That Your Vehicle Heater Needs to Be Replaced

When you notice any of the following symptoms, you should have your heating, and air conditioning structures thoroughly checked: refrigerant or coolant leakage, inadequate heating or cooling system temperature levels, improper air circulation or volume into the car’s cab, strange smells, fogging of the windshield when in defrost mode, unordinary noises during fan activity, and improper function of the dash fan and airflow mode controls.

Have your car’s heater and air conditioning systems inspected by a qualified technician at least once a year. Change the cabin air purifier in your vehicle on the recommended schedule. Heater and air conditioning systems that are well maintained can allow you to travel in comfort irrespective of the outside weather.

Detecting the symptoms of a failing heater before it fails can spare you from a chilly commute and a pricey repair charge. If you observe any of these symptoms, it’s time to schedule an appointment with the dependable experts at Trail Tire Auto Centers West, Edmonton.

Heater and Air Conditioning Repair Services at Trail Tire Auto Centers West, Edmonton

Every trip in your automobile should be pleasant, and a working air conditioner is essential. Our skilled technicians will ensure that your A/C is operating at peak efficiency, so you don’t have to sweat your route from point A to B We are experts in the following functions:

A/C Troubleshooting and Repair

  • Visual examination of A/C parts
  • Performance testing, including “state of charge” and system control tests
  • Leak test utilizing a certified electronic leak detector

If a gradual leak cannot be spotted, a dye detection solution may be required to confirm the leak.

A/C Upgrade

Our A/C Retrofit service may be required for automobiles manufactured before 1993 that require expensive refrigerants for air conditioning. This service comprises the following:

  • Visual examination of A/C components
  • Conversion of the system to a contemporary refrigerant
  • If the conversion cannot be completed, a new compressor may be required.

Sometimes it’s evident that you should make an appointment, such as when you’ve switched on your vehicle’s A/C, but it still feels like a sauna inside. Sometimes the warning indicators aren’t as obvious. So, when should you make a reservation? If;

  • There’s a peculiar odor emanating from your A/C vents, your car’s A/C may be on its way out.
  • You can’t feel any air flowing, or the air doesn’t cool down as quickly as it used to.
  • Your air conditioner is producing strange noises.

How Can I Avoid Losing My Vehicle’s A/C Or Heat?

Hot summers and frigid winters may be brutal on your vehicle, particularly in Canada, where the weather can change quickly. Like other systems in your car, truck, or SUV, the HVAC system has vital components that must be serviced regularly. Several parts in this system are prone to failure during the course of your vehicle’s life. Check your HVAC system regularly by having your car, truck, or SUV inspected. Our knowledgeable service engineers and technicians work hard to ensure that you are comfortable and safe in any weather condition. Make an appointment online or call us now.

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