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Toyo Tires at Trail Tire

With over 60 years of experience in the tire business, Toyo Tires has focused on innovation, quality, performance, and exceptional service to provide one of the best tire brands available today. Toyo Tires has concentrated on creating tires that people enjoy. Their cutting-edge design and production processes result in top-quality, durable tires for every vehicle; as a result, Toyo Tires has established an outstanding reputation as one of the best tire manufacturers in the world. Toyo competes to win regardless of the location, and the business has had success in motorsports worldwide throughout the years.

Toyo Tires High-Performance Tires

For your light truck or SUV, their high performance, all-season tires feature a new design and enhanced tread components. These tires provide outstanding value in a wide range of weather and road situations by combining the undeniable performance with the safety and comfort characteristics of a premium Toyo product.

Toyo Proxes high performance and racing tires give superior wet and dry handling, high-speed stability, and extended tread life across the life of the tire, whether you’re driving on the road or competing on the racetrack.

Toyo Tires For Your Light Truck Or SUV

Toyo Open Country tires provide your light truck or SUV with the ability to plow over gravel, rock, ice, and any terrain that crosses your path, whether you’re driving down the street or going off-road. Toyo Open Country rubber for your SUV or light vehicle is designed for power, toughness, performance, and a comfortable ride. Open Country tires, with their aggressive tread designs, allow you to explore rugged terrains confidently. Open Country light truck and SUV tires are outfitted with technologies to improve their performance. Open Country light truck and SUV tires are exceptionally durable with excellent wear life because of a unique blend of polyester casings, multi-wave sipes, and superior tire structure.

The Open Country A/T flexible all-terrain tire provides outstanding traction and tread longevity, as well as a visibly aggressive tread pattern and a silent ride. The Open Country A/T II comes with 75,000 kilometer treadwear protection and a 45-day, 750 kilometer Limited Offer. The Xtreme sizes have a deeper tire depth as well as a more aggressive tread and shoulder design. A list of measures, denoted by “XT” under Construction, can be found in the size specifications.

Toyo’s Open Country AT III all-terrain tire is the newest technology in all-terrain tires. The Toyo Tire AT III Open Country Tire is the replacement for the Toyo Tires AT II. The primary focus of this new Toyo tire is performance on wet or slippery roads, longevity, and tread wear life. Toyo Tires created the Open Country All-Terrain 3 with a cutting-edge tread design and entirely new Construction and tread composition. 

The Toyo Open Country AT 3 tire provides excellent stability and a smooth ride. Toyo designed the Open Country A/T III for off-road enthusiasts who drive trucks or CUV/SUVs. The Toyo Open Country AT3 is an excellent tire for Chevrolet and GMC trucks, Toyota Trucks, SUVs and CUVs, Ram Series, Ford F-Series, Jeep, and Nissan Trucks.

Toyo Winter Tires

Winter tires are not only for snow but also for ice, frost, slush, and other cold-weather conditions. Toyo Tires’ winter collection includes all-weather snow tires that can perform in all of these conditions. Toyo’s winter tires have improved snow traction technology to keep traction in cold temperatures. Toyo winter tires are among the most thoroughly researched and technologically advanced goods you will ever put on your car.

Toyo Tires Limited Warranty

Toyo Tires offers a limited warranty on every product.  Speak with our service advisors to learn more about the latest Toyo Tires warranties.

Select tires also feature a treadwear warranty; see individual product pages for complete details.

Vehicles with staggered fitments (i.e. where the front and rear tires are of a different size) cannot be rotated. Therefore, Toyo warrants tires mounted on the rear axle of vehicles with staggered fitments only up to 50% of the warranted miles under the standard Toyo treadwear warranty.


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