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Motor Vehicle Inspections Calgary, Trail Tire Auto Centers 9250 Macleod Trail

Motor Vehicle Inspections

A vehicle inspection is a worthwhile investment when purchasing, selling, or insuring a used vehicle. In some circumstances, it’s even required. Vehicle inspections come in a variety of forms, including insurance, security, and emissions tests. We provide mechanical services and are in accordance with local regulations.

A mechanic will evaluate various parts of a passenger car to ensure they are in functioning order in a normal MVI. Additional criteria for a truck or bus include evaluating the power train, air brakes, and electric drivetrains.

Our team of service technicians is adept at performing detailed vehicle inspections, checking key components of your vehicle. We can provide a safety certification of your vehicle, and will identify if any major issues exist.

Out Of Province Inspections

Written Out of Province form signed by authorized technician. Includes headlight aiming, and air bag scanning.

New Vehicle/Insurance Inspections

Inspection includes a 70 point bumper to bumper check. Does not include a compression test. Digital Vehicle Report also included.

Insurance Inspection

Before insuring a ten-year-old or older car, some insurance companies demand a safety examination. For pricing and more information, please contact us immediately.

Why Are Vehicle Inspections Necessary?

Here are the primary reasons why car inspections are required and why you should do your best to make sure that your recently bought or current vehicles are inspected regularly.

Detecting Technical Issues And Ensuring Your Peace Of Mind

Here, we’d like to highlight an important point that applies to drivers. Regular auto inspections provide peace of mind knowing their vehicle is free of technical flaws that can create issues in the short and long run.

As a result, a mechanic’s car inspection generally evaluates all of a car’s systems, including its mechanical and electrical components and its overall structural stability. As a result, any technical issues may be assessed and resolved, ensuring that your vehicle satisfies safety standards and does not endanger you or other drivers.

Passing emission tests

Some provinces have chosen to conduct periodical emission tests to assist in safeguarding the environment by restricting the roadworthiness of vehicles with emission-related issues. This is one of the key reasons why there are so many Canadian emission testing services. In many areas, having excessive emissions that do not meet acceptable norms might result in greater taxes or the necessity to quit operating the vehicle. According to Canadian rules, this feature is relevant for both standard passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

General vehicle inspection by specialist

Here are a few specifics that are always a part of most vehicle inspection services.

  • Brakes: Brakes are essential for the safety of all cars and should be examined regularly to ensure that vehicles can stop on time. Typically, brakes take the form of discs and drums, and both systems require frequent inspections and replacements because they do not last permanently.
  • Suspension: When inspecting the suspension system, mechanics look for anomalies in parts, including shock absorbers, struts, or tires.
  • Lights: Failure of the lighting system does not render a car inoperable. It does render it unfit for travel on public roads, given that lights are a mandatory safety component on all vehicles. As a result, mechanics will ensure that all lights work correctly and replace any bulbs that have become obsolete.
  • Transmission: No contemporary car, whether manual or automated, can function without a gearbox system. The transmission is essential to power the axles, and its failure can render a vehicle inoperable. As a result, when performing a vehicle inspection, experts check all transmission components.
  • The Electric System: The majority of automobiles cannot function without their electrical systems. The car’s battery is the only source of electricity, serving to power the vehicle while also ensuring that vital elements that rely on electricity function properly. As a result, inspectors will examine the car’s battery, alternator, cables, voltage regulator, fuses, and other components.

Other items that are also commonly inspected include: Steering, Hoses and Belts, The Emission System, Exhaust System and Engine Cooling System

Digital Vehicle Inspections

At participating Trail Tire Auto Center locations, we have been offering digital vehicle inspections since 2020. With a digital inspection you get to see what is great with your car and what may need attention. The digital reports are then emailed or sent via text message so you can visually see through images and videos what may need attention with your vehicle. These are also included free of charge (at participating locations) with every oil change.

Digital Vehicle Inspections

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