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General Tires

Some people find tire shopping to be a frightening concept. There is a lot of information to sort through, such as which tire is ideal for your car and better for your wallet. General Tire is ranked among the best tire manufacturers in the industry and has something for all driver needs.

General Tire has been around for over 100 years. They produce high-quality tires at reasonable prices, allowing those on a tight budget to get this high-quality tire installed on their cars.

Tires are one of the most critical automotive safety features for a vehicle. A well-made tire will provide the balance required to navigate in all kinds of weather.

General Tire Characteristics

General Tire is best recognized for making solid and long-lasting tires for passenger automobiles, pickup trucks, and commercial trucks. They’ve been making tires since 1915, making them one of the country’s oldest tire companies. 

Since the introduction of the balloon giant tire, they have been masters in technology innovation. They continued to become an original equipment provider to many leading light truck producers. They have become experts in creating tires that can carry drivers and off-road enthusiasts into – and out of – some tricky circumstances.

Drivers can travel confidently knowing they’re traveling on premium quality tires with excellent handling and traction thanks to General Tire’s commitment to continuously improving the technology behind its tires. Speak with our tires specialists to determine which General Tire passenger tire is best for you.

General Tires – All Season

The Altimax and Ameri series are General Tires’ all-season alternatives, both of which aim to provide drivers with a smooth, pleasant ride that is long-lasting and performs well in various circumstances.

General Tires – Light Truck/SUV

General’s Grabber series is top-rated among truck owners and off-road riders. They’re strong enough to handle any condition you may get yourself in, and they’re a long-term investment. You’ll select one with a tread pattern that complements the appearance and feel of your vehicle.

General Tires – Performance

The Grabber, G-Max, and Exclaim series are among General’s high and ultra-high performance tire offerings. All of these have one thing in common: they handle well in wet and dry weather, offering you complete control over your car when times are tough, without sacrificing style or pleasure.

General Tire – Winter

With the AltiMAX Arctic, General Tire has created a phenomenally low-cost winter tire. Anybody looking for a better and cost-effective method to drive this winter should give it a thought. The General Tire AltiMAX Arctic Snow Tires are a winter tire that consistently functions and other manufacturers yet is less expensive. It provides an outstanding combination of traction, convenience, and durability that is tough to match at this price level. It even has the option of studding for drivers who require the extra traction it provides.

General Tire AltiMAX Arctic Winter Tires feature patented Quad-Tech technology to provide performance in all categories and circumstances. The Multi-Angle Sipe technology allows each sipe to grip throughout every direction, providing more traction when braking, starting and turning. A directional tread pattern with sweeping chutes improves straight-line speed and provides better resistance to hydroplaning. Responsive Contour Technology ensures that an optimal amount of tread is always on the ground, resulting in longer, even more, wear. 

Furthermore, the natural rubber tread is mixed with a high silica concentration to provide the tire with elasticity in cold temperatures for improved winter traction.

An unbiased test was conducted to determine whether there were any significant differences between the relatively cheaper General Tires and tires that were far pricier, up to four times the value. The Generals outperformed the higher-priced counterparts during rapid stopping and quick stops. When these experiments were conducted on wet pavement, the traction was considerably more effective. The vehicle only hydroplaned when the pace approached seventy miles per hour, although the tires remained linked to the asphalt until that point. When raced over most terrain, the tires were also very quiet on the highway. This test demonstrated that low-cost tires function just as well as higher-priced varieties and that General Tires are the best alternative for tire replacement.

General Tire, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2015, has been an innovator, bringing new styles and technologies to react to evolving needs with high-quality products tailored for practically every driving scenario. As a result, the General Tire brand has become associated with category-competitive items at value-oriented rates.

General Tire Warranties

General Tire has some great warranties that cover some tires up to 120,000 kilometers, speak with your local Trail Tire Auto Centers 9250 Macleod Trail, Calgary location to learn more about the latest General Tire warranties.

Altimax TM RT43 T Rated 120,000 
H & V Rated 105,000 
G-MAXTM AS-05 80,000 
GrabberTM APT 96,000 
GrabberTM HTS60 S, 
T & R Rated 105,000 
H Rated 80,000 
LT Sizes 80,000 
GrabberTM ATX All metric sizes 
LT Metric Floatation sizes 96,000 


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