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Preventative Vehicle Maintenance Edmonton, Trail Tire Auto Centers Whyte Ave

Preventative Vehicle Maintenance

Many expensive repairs could be easily avoided by undertaking regular preventive maintenance with your vehicle. Your car, truck, or SUV should be serviced on a consistent schedule for your safety and those around you.

This is why Trail Tire Auto Centers Whyte Ave, Edmonton advise motorists to perform a routine preventive maintenance service, by our professional technicians to ensure a safe and smooth ride at all times. We have the expertise and resources to provide scheduled maintenance and tune-up services.

What is Preventive Vehicle Maintenance?

Preventive maintenance applies to operations done on an automobile regularly to reduce the probability of it breaking down. Oil changes, tire rotations, topping off fluids, and replacing brakes are all small activities that may add up. Preventive maintenance is a method done while the car is still in good functioning order. Its primary goal is to prevent an unexpected breakdown and reduce the cost of repairs.

Types of Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance can be scheduled depending on time, usage, or condition. It is often used to forecast and avoid equipment breakdown and, typically, should be conducted on all types of equipment to mitigate age-related malfunctions. Manufacturers frequently provide guidelines for maintaining a piece of equipment. However, there are three major categories of preventative maintenance tasks:

Mandatory / Non-Mandatory Tasks

Mandatory activities are those that must be completed as quickly as possible and frequently contain safety-critical inspections. Non-mandatory jobs are still vital, but they can be postponed without causing a severe failure or a drop in performance. A preventative maintenance checklist should categorize jobs as necessary or optional.

Pyramiding / Non-Pyramiding Tasks

When repair is scheduled for a specific date but not done, it clashes with later maintenance. If a new task becomes due in this case, the prior one is canceled. An explanation should accompany a cancellation, and the replacement job should include the previous due date to track how overdue the task is.

Inspection and Task Oriented Tasks

Inspection jobs necessitate verification before the results are converted into work orders for planned maintenance to correct any problems detected. Task-oriented project managers allow minor maintenance and adjustments during the inspection, decreasing the amount of work documented as work orders on the observation sheet.

When Should Preventive Maintenance Be Performed?

The precise amount of preventive maintenance required will vary based on the equipment and the operation being performed. Standards are used in industry to assist in determining maintenance schedules so that critical assets do not fail prematurely. These guidelines will also specify the sort of inspection or maintenance required.

Ideally, a preventative maintenance program should guarantee proactive maintenance by adhering to the manufacturer or standard criteria, rather than resorting to corrective maintenance when something has already started to fail.

Following this form of predictive maintenance schedule, which includes chores like condition monitoring, necessitates correct recording of inspections and service against an awareness of the lifespan of a specific piece of equipment. These records will aid in determining when preventive maintenance is necessary.

Advantages of the Preventive Maintenance

Advantages of the Preventive Maintenance

Of course, among the most obvious advantages of practicing preventative maintenance is that you are more likely to keep ahead of issues before they develop. That’s the whole goal. If you’re not persuaded, here are a few specific benefits to consider:

Prolong the Life of the Vehicle

Continued use of an automobile without the appropriate maintenance of its critical elements will cause it to become hazardous sooner than would otherwise be the case. Preventative maintenance keeps your vehicle in top functioning condition.

Higher Resale Value

Most car owners do not drive their vehicles into the ground and will eventually sell them. Maintaining your car regularly can result in a better selling price than if it is in ruin. You can give the buyer a duplicate of all of your maintenance records, which provides them with peace of mind and makes your automobile more appealing. Spending effort to ensure that your car is routinely maintained will pay dividends when it comes to selling it.

Save money on gas

Automobiles that are not appropriately treated frequently become gas guzzlers. Regular oil changes and tire rotations do wonders for keeping your gas use and expenses in check.

Avoiding Problems on the Road

When you start your car, you expect it to get you to your destination without incident, so think how inconvenient it would be if it abruptly stopped in the middle of a trip. You may be late for your appointment, or miss it all together. Preventative maintenance can help you avoid these problems on the road entirely.

What Can You Expect from a Preventive Maintenance Service?

Preventive maintenance performed regularly helps your car perform at its best for many years. Any maintenance appointment at Trail Tire Auto Centers Whyte Ave, Edmonton guarantees that you receive a comprehensive service. We also perform visual inspections to detect worn-out components and recommend replacements that might otherwise result in a mechanical malfunction.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventative maintenance will help you save money by extending the life of your car. Bring your automobile to Trail Tire Auto Centers Whyte Ave, Edmonton for preventive maintenance periodically. Our qualified and expert technicians will address any concerns that may arise in the future or that you still have not noticed. The following are some of our preventative maintenance measures:

Cooling System Flush

To ensure that your cooling system is running at total capacity, it should be flushed regularly. If you choose not to, your powertrain is at risk of overheating, leaving you stuck on the side of the road.

Brake Flush

Your brake lines must be cleaned for your brakes to function at their maximum capability. Regular brake flushes are an essential part of preventive maintenance since they put the safety and wellbeing of other drivers and people at risk.

Power Steering Flush

It’s also a good idea to flush your power steering. If you don’t get a traction control flush, your steering abilities will deteriorate with time and become more challenging to control. Driving will become increasingly unpleasant, if not unsafe, as a result of this

Spark Plugs

You won’t get far without good spark plugs. Your spark plugs are necessary for your engine to ignite; thus, they’re pretty crucial. As a result, you should have them checked and replaced regularly at Trail Tire Auto Centers Whyte Ave, Edmonton.

Factory Approved

We only uses factory-certified gauges and parts to ensure that your vehicle is up to standard

Fuel Injection

The gas is introduced into the engine using fuel injection. You might not be able to navigate at all if your car’s fuel injectors aren’t up to par.

Certification Of Vehicle Safety

At Trail Tire Auto Centers Whyte Ave, Edmonton, we make sure that your car complies with all vehicle safety regulations, keeping you safe at all times and in the legal sense.

Emissions Test

An E-Test, also known as an emissions test, examines your vehicle to ensure that it is not producing pollutants in excess of the permissible limit.

Exhaust System

To avoid engine problems, make sure your exhaust system is in good operating order. Contact us to get your exhaust system inspected by a trained technician.


You wouldn’t want to be going down the street and making a horrible coughing, gurgling sound that wakes up the entire neighborhood. Have your muffler checked regularly to avoid an uncomfortably loud ride.

Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter is just an emissions control gadget that lowers pollutant toxicity. As a result, it’s a crucial part of ensuring your car complies with environmental regulations. Our ASE-certified mechanics will do everything possible to keep your vehicle in top condition.

Make regular visits to Trail Tire Auto Centers Whyte Ave for preventative maintenance if you really want to keep your automobile running smoothly.

Air Conditioning Services

For over 50 years, we’ve been providing Air Conditioning Services in Western Canada, ensuring that your commercial HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration) systems are running at top efficiency.

Determine the Intervals for Preventive Maintenance

Check the owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended preventative maintenance intervals. However, remember that vehicle operating circumstances determine preventative maintenance service intervals. Most fleets are subject to what is known as rigorous duty, which includes:

  • Towing a trailer or transporting a camper or car-top carrier.
  • Excessive idling and/or slow driving (such as inner-city driving or stop-and-go traffic).
  • Commercial vehicles, such as delivery vehicles, taxis, livery vehicles, or patrol cars.
  • Vehicles driven by a group of people, such as fleet or motor pool operations.
  • Vehicles driven off-road or in dusty circumstances.

The True Value Of Excellent Preventative Maintenance Procedures

Visibility into preventative maintenance work is beneficial for lowering overall costs and increasing fleet reliability. Effective project management may make a significant difference in your bottom line because the cost of periodic maintenance is typically far lower than the cost of unplanned downtime.

Fleets and their customers can benefit from more cost-effective, reliable, and safer operations by planning, scheduling, and conducting the proper preventive maintenance at the correct time.

Visit Us for The Appropriate Maintenance at The Right Moment

This may appear to be a complex process, but our professional technicians make it look simple. Finally, preventative maintenance is as simple as receiving the appropriate service at the proper time. This aids in detecting and preventing problems as early as possible. Begin with a comprehensive vehicle check to determine what kind of care your vehicle needs. Make an appointment at your nearest Trail Tire Auto Centers Whyte Ave to get started on the right track right away.

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