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Pick Up and Light Truck Tires

Pick Up and Light Truck Tires Red Deer, Trail Tire Auto Centers Red Deer

The popularity of trucks has increased over the years, and now many country and city residents have purchased a pick-up truck as their family vehicle. With the increased interest in this type of transportation comes more tire options than ever, giving drivers a large range of high quality and more advanced tires to choose from. At Trail Tire Auto Centers Red Deer, we can help all drivers find the tires that best fit their vehicle.

Impact of Truck Tires’ Tread Design

The tread that you choose for your tires goes beyond looks, it also has a lot to do with the way your vehicle will handle. Tread patterns are always evolving, and changing to address the specific performance needs of truck owners.

Selecting a pick-up truck tires is a combination of personal preference and consideration of the vehicles uses. As an example, someone who uses their truck for off-roading, will want a tougher truck look with a large and aggressive tread design. Not only will it make a statement with its look, but will also be useful when driving in a sticky mud or rough terrain.

Truck Tire Tread Options

As mentioned, the tread is a very important part of the tire. When selecting the correct truck tire, there are multiple types of treads available:

Highway Tread (HT): these designs usually come in a traditional style pattern with circumferential grooves to evacuate water. They typically also feature large or solid tread blocks on the shoulder to help provide long mileage, quiet rides and increase fuel economy.

All Terrain Tread (AT): these treads are made for drivers who enjoy more of an aggressive look and/or someone who goes off-roading. All Terrain treads have less rubber making contact with the road (known as the contact patch) but do feature an aggressive tread design to help create more traction when the truck is driving on surfaces other than pavement.

Mud Terrain Tread (MT): this tread design is made for serious off-road drivers. They feature small contact patches, and a deep initial rubber offering. Drivers who frequent off-roading will prefer this type of tire to help dig though any terrain they come across.